My mom history

We have talked about my mothers past and a little bit of her future.

Gahan Grandparents talk Part I
November 25, 2017 App Interview

Talked about life growing up in Baltimore. How life was back in their day, raising their children and the things that they did.

Shannon 5/20/19

In this interview, Erin interviews her mother about growing up in a religious family in Greeley and the time culture shock she experienced when she moved to Baltimore for college. Her mother shared stories about her travels to Mexico and...

UMD Activation Academy: Sentinel Swamp

She is a UMD Alumna who graduated in 2017 in Environmental Science and Technology. She was born in Annapolis and currently lives in Baltimore, where she works at an environmental engineering firm. Her capstone project senior year was about Sentinel...

Part 2: Interview with a Hispanic Woman

This interview, is with my mother. I come from an eccentric African American and Latino family, and today we sit down and discuss so history.

Thanksgiving listen

Life of Wilson Robert Dickerson takes you through his childhood, life growing up, hobbies, first job, first love, Korean War, early family traditions, influencers, and more

Grandpa Gordon and Mom
February 19, 2018 App Interview

How Gordon grew up the 40s, how our ancestors came from The Ukraine, and how he decided to become a lawyer.

The Great Thanksgiving listen

My mother talked about her different life experience and how they shaped her into the person she is today

“It was a better use of my life.”

Father Frank DeSiano calls himself a “lifer.” He entered the Paulist junior seminary as a teenager. That was more than 45 years ago. He’s a noted leader in evangelization or sharing of the Catholic faith. Father Frank has been the...

Interview with Grandpop West

I interviewed my grandfather at his nursing home. He does not usually like to talk about himself, so I appreciated his participation.

Janece and Grandma Annie

Interviewing my grandma on various questions that pertains to her life. We covered everything from family to religion.


Me and my grandpa (Poppop) talked about what his childhood was like, people who had made an impact on him, his parents, etc.

Thanksgiving interview

His childhood and what his childhood was like