Ernestine Krehbiel and Rose [No Name Given]

One Small Step partners Ernestine Krehbiel (83) and Rose [No Name Given] (45) share a conversation about their children, abortion, faith, and their personal political values.

Life of Mrs. Lois Owen

Mrs. Lois Owen (81) talks to fellow church member Hannah Fisher (13) about her life and travels.

Frances Stewart and Herbert Loveless

One Small Step partners Frances Stewart (79) and Herbert "Herb" Loveless (68) have a conversation about their political upbringings, advice to their younger selves, and their views and experiences around the Vietnam War.

Thomas Riddle and David Avruch

Thomas Riddle (56) talks to his therapist David Avruch (32) about his life, his addiction to heroin, learning to love himself, the challenges of recovery, and how he hopes to help other people struggling.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Mabel and I discussed the importance of being kind and always telling the truth. She believes there is a purpose for everything and to never be afraid to speak up.

De'Andre Young and Lachelle Mack

A conversation between De'Andre Young (myself) and Lachelle Mack (aunt) about what makes a healthy and successful relationship.

Christopher and Laura Sulmonte

Christopher Sulmonte talks with his wife Laura (both 28) about his experiences working in the Johns Hopkins Hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emily Snow and Donna Maxwell

Emily Snow (43) interviews her mother, Donna Maxwell (74), about how her heart condition, Tetraology of Fallot, impacted her childhood, her experience having open-heart surgery in the 1960s, and how her life changed after surgery.

Dorothy, 107 years of Remarkable memories
January 28, 2022 App Interview

I live in an assisted living facility in Texas and a few months ago this woman who is 4 foot 11 named Dorothy moved in and has graced us with her stories and presence. She is the most loving caring...

English Assignment
November 28, 2017 App Interview

I interviewed my mother because I had to work on Thanksgiving and couldn’t meet up with my family

Harold’s Good Life Story

I described how the quarantine forced me to reflect on the relationship between my emotions and land, the passage of time, food, and loved ones.

Interview with Kelly Casey, Occupational Therapist
August 17, 2018 App Interview

Erin Sim interviews her mentor in occupational therapy, Kelly Casey, about her past accomplishments, current projects, and future goals.

My Mom’s Christmas Memories after the Death of Her Sister

my mom has Parkinson’s and these are her memories of Christmas’ after the death of her sister.