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Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview With June Mourillon

My grandmother, June Mourillon, talks about her past jobs. She speaks on how life was in Barbados, a West Indian island in the Caribbean.

Interview with my dad

I interviewed my dad and asked him questions about his life.

Fletcher Crowe and Anita Spring

Fletcher Crowe (69) shares with Anita Spring his work to trace 1000 years of his genealogy.

Diana Watson-Phillips and Sarah McCall

One Small Step partners Diana Watson-Phillips [no age given] and Sarah McCall (44) discuss the social issues they care about, their work in education, and their faith and spiritual practices.

Sean Singh and Elizabeth Singh

Sean Singh, 43, interviewed by his wife Lizz (Elizabeth) Singh, 38. Sean and Lizz talk about their childhoods, meeting in New York City, and their two kids, Amy and Erin.

A Love Story

This is an interview with my boyfriend about his point of view on how we met. He likes to state that this is a 'fairytale-like/hard to believe' type of story. His name is William Trochlil and has a really good...