Linda & Amie

My mother, Linda, and I discussed her up upbringing in Berlin for the majority of the time. We also covered her family’s history and the effect of it.

His 1050 interview

In this interview, I discuss the opinion on the Cold War and the Relationship between Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan.

Fulbright Stories: Nick Ott and Briana Applewhite

Nick Ott (University of Minnesota – Twin Cities) and Briana Applewhite (Howard University) received Fulbright research and English Teaching Assistant awards in Germany. The two sat down at the Fulbright Berlin Seminar in March 2018 to talk about Briana’s narrative...

Fulbright Stories: Brendan Rice and Sydney Stewart

Brendan Rice (University of Alabama) and Sydney Stewart (Oklahoma State University) grew up in Alabama and Texas, respectively. As Fulbright research fellows, they both studied agriculture in Germany during the 2017-2018 academic year. The two sat down at the Fulbright...

Fulbright Stories: Usha Kapoor and Christine Lee

Fulbright U.S. Student Program grantee Usha Kapoor (Colburn School Conservatory of Music) studies violin performance in Cologne, Germany. Fulbright U.S. Student Program grantee Christine Lee (The Juilliard School) studies cello performance in Paris, France. The two sat down at the...

1989…When the Wall Came Down

Eric Decker recalls when the Berlin Wall came down and German reuinification, interviewed by Professor Liette Gidlow of Wayne State University.

Berlin Wall with Van Farnsworth

Van went on a 10 week trip traveling Europe and ended up in Berlin when the wall was built

Fulbright Stories: Michael Gilmor and Briana Krewson

Michael Gilmor (Providence College) and Briana Krewson (Franklin and Marshall College) received English Teaching Assistant (ETA) awards to Poland. The two sat down at the Fulbright Berlin Seminar in March 2018 to talk about deciding to pursue Fulbright, overcoming culture...

A Man Born in Berlin, Germany at the Cusp of World War II
November 25, 2017 App Interview

Fred Krause talks about his childhood in Germany and moving to the United States. Recorded in Temecula, California on November 19th, 2017, Mark Nickoloff discusses with Fred about his childhood and what it was like to grow up in his...

A Turks Childhood in Germany during the Cold War

In this interview, conducted in November 25th. 2017 in Chicago,IL, Yasemin Defne Pak and her father Ilker Pak talk about his childhood in Germany and how life was for him as a child. Ilker shares his experiences in school in...

Crossing the Berlin Wall

There were major differences in East and West Berlin before the wall got torn down.

Fulbright Stories: Mason Winkie and Josh Tulloch

Mason Winkie (West Virginia Wesleyan College) and Josh Tulloch (Norwich University) received English Teaching Assistant (ETA) awards to the Czech Republic. The two sat down at the Fulbright Berlin Seminar in March 2018 to share what brought them to the...

Thanksgiving interview with Lorraine Desmarais and her granddaughter Eryn Boissonneau
November 25, 2018 App Interview

This interview took place on November 22, 2018 in Milan, NH. Interviewee Lorraine discusses her childhood growing up in Fall River, MA, her relationship with her mother and father, the death of her father, and her absentee brother’s experience during...

Carmen Kuebitz about living in Berlin, inheriting the family house from Leipzig, Morgan’s Raiders

Looking at historical pictures of old Berlin, Leipzig house inheritance, reading a letter from Hermann W. about living in the Philippines, Morgan’s Raiders

Wolf Uwek Teddy Sein

Uwe drops us right into a sticky situation involving a confused teenager wanting to be something that his parents do not (Teddy boy Gangster). Wolf Uwe Kalisher, Luca Kalischer-Stork’s uncle, was a full-fledged Teddy Boy in Berlin Germany, 1980. Uwe...

The Great Thanksgiving listen

During our interview we talked about how Sheron Baratz was in Berlin while Germany was being unified. She talked about what it was like being there during this time period.

Fulbright Stories: Carol Grzych and Andre Woloshuk

Carol Grzych (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) and Andre Woloshuk (Purdue University) are English Teaching Assistants (ETA) in Poland. In this conversation recorded at the Fulbright Berlin Seminar in March 2018, they discuss what Fulbright has meant to them. Carol begins...

Fulbright Stories: Emily Kosmaczewski and Katie Cater

Emily Kosmaczewski (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) and Katie Cater (University of Alabama) are Fulbright research fellows in Poland. Emily studies astronomy and astrophysics, and Katie studies antibiotic resistant infections. They sat down at the Berlin Seminar in March 2018 to talk...

Fulbright Stories: Sylvia Cunningham and Amanda Pridmore

Fulbright U.S Student Program grantees Sylvia Cunningham (University of Connecticut) and Amanda Pridmore (Clemson University) received awards to work at KCRW radio station in Berlin, Germany. The two sat down at the Fulbright Berlin Seminar in March 2018 to share...