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Thanksgiving Video

I ask my mother questions about her life as a child.

Interviewing Jesse

I had decided to interview my Afghanistan warrior veteran uncle, Jesse. I had asked him 9 questions.


about family and her childhood in mexico

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview me and my brother were talking about his memories,and how he grew up.

Thanksgiving interview

This interview was a very meaningful moment. This gave me the chance to get closer to him.

Conversation with Mom

Background conversation with my mom to get an idea of her family heritage and my dads. And just where they grew up so we have that on record.

Mi mamá mi orgullo

I talked with my mom about the things she’s proud of, the things that have brought her to be the person she is today, and also how she would like to be remembered by her family if she were to...

Interview with Mom

In this interview I will be asking my mom questions of how her childhood was like growing up and life in general

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Me and my Mother talked about her childhood and some other really important things.

The great listen

Jocelyne torres who is my sister talks about her childhooad and her favorite things and also in this 10 question interview but got cut short

Interviewing Joann Ramirez

This is an interview of my mother, Joann Ramirez. It was mostly about her past.

Thanksgiving project

During the interview we spent time answering 10 questions. We talked about my moms past and we covered topics such as childhood and her career.

Interview with Monica Favela

I interviewed my mom and we talked about the future and the past in this 8 question interview. For example, I asked what she would want to say to future generations.

thanksgiving interview

I was interviewing my dad for the thanksgiving interview

Interview with Mom

We talked about her experiences growing up and what was life for her at the moment

Interviewing my mom

How my mom felt when coming to the U.S and some of her fond memories.

My Grandma

In this recording, I talk with my grandma Oliva about her past when she lived in Mexico and her upcoming to now living in Chicago with almost her whole family. I also talk about her struggles and her accomplishments and...


This interview is based on modern day life and past life. This shows how being a teen was back then and how it is now