Interview with Laura G

We talk about her live and how I came in her life. We also talked about the 9/11in this 9 Questions interview.

Thanksgiving project (interviewing my mom)

We talked about who she missed and her memories. Also the dumbest thing she ever did and if she had any regrets.

Interview to my mom

This is an interview in spanish about my mom. In this interview I asked my mom questions about her life, and advise that she would give to others.

Interviewing my grandma

Me interviewing my grandma and me asking her question about her experience in life.

Interview with Christian Kuttkuhn

in this interview, i asked my brother about his childhood and what troubles he had. i also asked him about his grandparents and losses he has had.

Villa, Isela (my Mom) being interviewed 11/26

We talked about her childhood and what changed her as a person that she is thankful to her family for.

Isabel interview

We talked about was all about her life was. Another was about her friends and family