Rachel Parsons and Nick Hnatiw

Rachel Parsons (36) and her partner Nick Hnatiw (38) talk about how their relationship grew over time. They talk about the ease of being together, while not ignoring the difficulty of queer invisibility and missing a sense of belonging and...

Abraham Brawer, Lynnette Brawer, and Todd Paler

Abraham Brawer (83) talks with his daughter and son-in-law Lynnette Brawer (47) and Todd Paler (47) about life in Nazi Occupied Europe, his journey to Israel where he worked on kibbutzes and served in the military,his immigration to South America...

Rita O'Brien and Mary Beyer

Rita O'Brien (80) talks to her daughter Mary Beyer (52) about her parents, her childhood in New York City and her marriage.

The Malone Family History

Part I of interview with my father Edward F Malone about our family. Part I covers his grandparents, parents, and early childhood in Brooklyn and Merrick, NY.

Interview with my grandma

We talked about her childhood in New York and her family. We also talked about our ancestors and coming to America. We talked about her job and some important things from her job that impacted her life.

My sister

We talked about my sister’s past and her influences.we also talked about how she envisioned her future but things didn’t turn out the way she thought.

Robert Yee and Kari (Katherine) Bachman

Kari Bachman (49) interviews her partner, Robert Yee (60), on his thoughts on 'play' and how that's played a role on his personal and professional life.

Eldon Carl Swanson Jr stories

Cousins Jennifer Swanson and Carla Swanson Gawthrop interview Jenny's uncle/Carla's dad as the extended family is gathered for a wedding. Carl Swanson Jr tells about living in Japan, being born in Brooklyn, his dad Carl Swanson Sr escaping the Yangtze...

Erika Lively

Meena chats with her favorite neighbor in our shared backyard in Red Hook Brooklyn