Chris, Judy, and Jenny Hunter

Jenny Hunter (45) interviewed her parents Judy Hunter (74) and Chris Hunter (73) about their childhoods in Rhode Island and New Jersey, how they met at Brown University in 1968, their decision to get married, the early years of their...

Wendy Thomas and Loretta Johnson

Loretta Johnson (34) interviews her co-worker Wendy Thomas (54) about being homeless three times due to fires and illness.

Parent Interview

I discussed with my Brazilian mom, their immigration to the USA and how it was when they first arrived, and how it was with her husband.

Michael Gillette and Jodi Gillette

Michael Gillette (52) and Jodi Gillette (52) talk about Michael's career as a medical ethicist and as the first Jewish mayor of Lynchburg, VA. They remember stories about raising their daughters, Rachel and Rebecca. Michael says "intellectual sparring" is a...