Elizabeth Elango and Crispin Ilombe Wilondja

Coworkers Elizabeth Elango (46) and Crispin Ilombe Wilondja [no age given] share their stories about coming to Decatur, Georgia and speak about their work with Global Village Project, a school focused on educating refugee girls.

Interview with my Father

My father explains the immigration process coming to the United States from Cameroon with his four children and wife.

Véronique Huguet and Mark Owens

Véronique (41) and Mark (36) talk about being humanitarian aid delegates for ICRC and the American Red Cross respectively and tell stories that have touched them when working in the field.

Father Francis

This is the life of Father Francis. How he was through out life and today.

My interview with Mrs. Nfor about immigration.

This video is about Mrs. Nfor’s experience as an immigrant and what everything was like coming to America.

Ryan and Ivan

Ivan is an international student. We talked about his lifestyle in his home country and how it compared to his experience in the United States.

Alice Bussey and Kiplyn Primus

Kiplyn Primus (60) interviews her friend Dr. Alice White Bussey (75) about Dr. Bussey's career in business, her personal history, and her experiences as the first female president of The Atlanta Business League.

Laurie Meininger and Pete Montaño

One Small Step conversation partners Laurie Meininger (65) and Pete Montaño (68), talk about travel, family life, voting rights, gun control and gun ownership and the tension between individual freedom and personal responsibility.

Lucien Kilonda Fataki and Teguo Djoyum

Lucien Kilonda (35) interviews his friend and colleague Teguo Djoyum (37) about Teguo's work in public health, which focuses on brain health and reducing the stigma of epilepsy, particularly in underserved regions of Africa, and ultimately the United States.

Carolyn Osborn and Donna Schloss

Carolyn Osborn (74) interviews her friend Donna Schloss (78) about Donna's career as a nurse, her travels throughout the world, and her work with the U.S. State Department.

Paulyne Ngalame Ntuba and Yarkasah Peter Paye

Paulyne Ngalame Ntuba (41) speaks with her coworker Yarkasah Peter Paye (46) about why they both felt called to be deployed in the Ebola response and about Paulyne's experiences during her deployment to Guinea.

Ernest Minarich and Jillian Minarich

Jillian Minarich (37) talks with her dad, Ernest "Ernie" Minarich (68), about their family's Croatian history and how they came to be in the United States. Other topics include childhood memories and college.

Evelyn Chumbow and Martina Vandenberg

Evelyn Chumbow (35) talks with her friend and mentor, Martina Vandenberg [no age given], about her experience as a victim of human trafficking. She remembers how her lawyer encouraged her to share her testimony and fight for other victims, and...

Kathleen Petrie and Meredeth Roberts

Meredeth Petrie Roberts (47) interviews her mother, Kathleen Petrie [no age given], about her childhood, her missionary work in Africa, and her memories of her late husband, Colin.