Term one immigrating to America project

This is an interview with my mémère about her immigration to America.


In this passage, I play a doctor, through which I know that doctors in the battlefield are particularly busy, because every second there will be casualties or deaths need your help, even if you sleep at night, you have to...

“I tried and I Love You.”

Michael Viechweg (finally) interviews his mother Teresa Viechweg! Teresa describes her family and childhood in Grenada, W.I., her life in Canada (plus travels), and her faith in God.

Hazel reminisces about her childhood immigration to Canada and later the USA.

Hazel and her family moved to Canada from England when she was a young child and later they had to move to the USA. She takes us through her memories of the immigration and her childhood.

English interview

I️ Interviewed my grandma mostly about her childhood and upbringing

Hey Pop

The points of interest in my father’s life story and all his interesting tidbits.


My grandmother and I talked about the ancestors she knew, her childhood and bring up, how things have changed in America, and how she would like to be remembered and the influence she hopes to leave on people.

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Immigration Interview Project

A Interview with Wilfrid Chaloux on his immigration from Canada

Emmy Tzuang Immigration

I interviewed my Grandma about her experience of immigration. She migrated from China to Taiwan when she was four. When she graduated from college at age 24 she migrated again to Canada and stayed there for 2 years. She then...

School interview

Struggles in the past and overcoming them. Also things they value

Social Studies Family Project

Religion and family are the main things involved. We all just love our family.


In my room in Canada interviewing my nana


This was longer than expected, but funny and sentimental. It was interrupted a few times by outsiders but overall love was the main feeling.

Erika Schafrick – StoryCorps Interview

I interviewed my father, Will Schafrick. As the only parent who I’m living with at the moment, he has helped me a lot in my journey of growing up and dealing with life changes. I chose to interview him to...