Spence Diggity and Nate Dogg

Spencer discusses his role model, dumbest moments, his favorite memory, and gives advice to someone younger.

The Great Listen

We talked about what my mom did in school. We also talked about her hobbies.

Claudia Perry and Lance Ollivierre

Friends and former spouses Claudia Perry (57) and Lance Ollivierre (59) remember their history together and reflect on the family they created.

A family of Civil Rights Leaders in Charlotte

Talia Ivory: 2020-12-13 17:47:37, My Aunt Darnell Ivory tells me about one of her brothers Cecil Ivory jr. Along with my great-grandpa, Cecil, Cecil Ivory jr. changed the world for the better.

The impact of an older sister

My older sister, Emma-Blake tells me how being an older sister has made her a successful leader and its impact on her relationships with others

Talk With My Mom

Talk with my mom about her work on Covid-19 vaccine trials.

Sue Rogers Story

Talking with my longtime family friend Sue Rogers (Ms. Sue) about life and growing up black in Jim Crowe Mississippi.

Memories with Radio Sibs

Holly Haze interviews her brother Fast Eddie Coyle. Both radio DJs with great stories and more to come.

Katie Willet – MPHS IB Coordinator

We discussed the IB program and how having taught abroad gives a different perspective on the US education system.

Being the younger sibling

Listen too a younger siblings perspective on life in the family unit.

Hanging With My Great Grandma
November 15, 2022 App Interview

I spent my time speaking with my great grandma about life, growing up, and happiest memories.

AP Didier and Chris Walsh

Chris Walsh (76) talks with her grandson, AP Didier (18) about her childhood in Orangeburg, South Carolina during the 1950s-1960s in the Jim Crow south, her father's experience in a German POW camp, and how her town has evolved since...