Ricardo Mazariegos and Ryo Mazariegos

Ricardo Alberto Mazariegos (57) shares a conversation with his daughter, Ryo Mazariegos (23), about how their family first came from Guatemala to arrive in the United States.

Life questions for Grandma

I asked my Grandma about her childhood and life growing up.

Lois Gallagher and Lisanne Carlson

Lois C. Gallagher (84) talks to daughter Lisanne Carlson (56) about her decision to go to college despite not having support from her parents.


Talked about childhood and high school along with stories of her and my grandpa.

Maegen Brady and Bill Deleo

Maegen Brady (26) and Bill Deleo (30) talk about Meagan's career as a Physical Therapist. She talks about studying abroad in MAdrid and tells Bill that she is inspired by his drive.

Gregg Brown and Sherry Williams

Sherry Williams (58) interviews her friend Gregg H. Brown, Sr., (58), talk about the importance of banking black and Gregg's near-death experience.

Andrew Freemire and Michael St. John

Michael Chad St. John (28) and Andrew Freemire (68) talk about their relationship as artists and their collaborative art practice.

Me interviewing my grandpa for The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I asked my grandpa 13 questions and he gave me some good answers it was about 3:30 minutes and he’s 79 born in 1942

Johb Thomas and his grandmother Annabell leggins talking about life growing up

Me and my grandmother talked about her history living around old town. Here she experiences the most wonderful memories and continues to make more today. We talk about her level of education, her history in highschool and what she enjoyed...

Richard Robertson and Shauna Robertson

Richard "Rich" Robertson (64) is interviewed by his daughter Shauna Robertson (27) about his life, growing up in Italy, and his career in the consumer products industry.

Carter Wagner and Nicole Wagner

Carter Wagner (18) talks to his mother, Nicole Wagner (51), about his life since their last StoryCorps interview in 2016 and his hopes for college and the future.

Sara Saltzman, Zachary Saltzman, and Jake Saltzman

Sara Fay Saltzman (85) talks to her grandsons, Zack Saltzman (21) and his brother Jake Saltzman (25) about growing up in Chicago, her husband's business on Maxwell Street, her career as a teacher, and motherhood.

Grandma Mj’s story

Grandma MJ tells a few stories about the past

over break interview

what we talked about was her childhood. also someone she would remember.

Ahmed Omar and Nedal Kawash

Ahmed "Flex" Omar (39) interviews Nedal Kawash (28) about his early life in Jordan, immigrating to the Chicago suburbs as a teen, adapting to the US, and his life since.

Don Millar and Nash Christian

Nash Christian (age 20) interviews his friend Don Millar (age 89) about Washington Island, WI and how important an education is.

Cawanna Stonewall and Keven Stonewall

Cawanna Stonewall [no age given] talks to her son, Keven Stonewall, Jr. (25), about their favorite memories together, Keven's curiosity, and how Cawanna supported and encouraged him since he was very young. Keven talks about what he has learned from...