Grandma’s Interview 12/1/19

My Grandmother and I talked about her youth and how she met my Grandfather.


I, Allison Aich, conducted an interview on my cousins who are both one, and two years apart from me. We discussed different questions all together.

Ignacio moves to Milwaukee

In this interview we talked about the hardships that my dad suffered through his rigorous journey , and how he got through it.

Emma Walsh My Sis
September 28, 2019 App Interview

My sister wanted me to make her famous so I pretended to

My mother’s life

We talked about my mother’s life growing up as a greek othadox and how she became muslim.

Intverview with Gregory Wilson

This is an interview with my grandpa, Gregory Wilson. He is currently 69 years old and will be 70 in the upcoming summer. In this interview we talk about his childhood and the things he misses in his younger years

Antonio Negrete

My dad and I basically talked about his grandparents and how he was influenced by other people and also about some tough times.

A foster to Remember

This interview is with my grandma named Angie and her experience with life and foster care.

Watergate Scandal and Nixon’s resignation

Talking to my Grandma and Grandpa about the Watergate scandal and the resignation of President Richard Nixon in the 1970’s

Interview with my father

My father has always taught me to stay positive and always be respectful to everyone. My father tells me this from experience and statements told from his mother.

Tallat Choudry and Seemi Choudry

Tallat Choudry (68) talks to her daughter Seemi Choudry (30) about her childhood in Pakistan, her family and education, early married life in the US and Venezuela, her career, and being a mother of four.

Talking to my dad.

I talked to my dad about his childood and where he grew up . We also talked about his job.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview with Cynthia Rodriguez

This is an interview about Cynthia’s views on the government and what her childhood was like.

Dave Pandya and his father Hitesh Pandya discuss what it’s like to be in the military as a doctor

Dave Pandya and his father discuss when and why Hitesh Pandya(father) joined the army and stated his duty within the army. Hitesh states what he does and how he does his duties while serving.

City life

My grandfather talked about his life in Chicago and memories he has from his very joyful life.

Living in Chicago

In this interview we talk about our family coming to the U.S.A. And how chiago was during the 80’s,90’s

Grandma’s Life

My grandmother gives us a brief story of her relationship with my grandfather and being a mother to my father.