Parent Interview For JCS

For this interview, I ask my mother on her views on careers choices, and how your passion relates to success.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Asking questions to my mom about her life and what it was like.

Thanksgiving interview

We did this recording to know a little bit of each Other. We also hope to build a bond.

Interviewing my grandmother

An 11 minute summary of what it was like for my grandmother growing up.

My grandma’s memories

The picture is my grandma with my little sister. They summary is about my grandma telling the story of when I was born and answers to the questions that were on the list.

My interview

Mostly about how was life and the events happening.

Michael Grover and Lea Grover

Michael Grover (36) talks to his wife, Lea Grover (34), about living with Glioblastoma (brain cancer) for the last 11 years. They talk about MG's cancer, their marriage, their fears, and their three young daughters.

Howard Dunn and Joan Dunn

Howard Dunn (84) talks with Joan Dunn (60) about the various jobs he's had in his life. He describes working as a tour operator for his travel company, and taking his family on trips.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with my Dad

Today I interviewed my father.He is one of the most important men in my life. We basically talked about his life and the advice he would give to different people. ;)

My sister’s story

We talked about her life and her childhood. We also talked about her anxiety and depression.

Amy Wurtz and Alyson Berger

Musician friends, Amy Wurtz (45), and Alyson Berger (52), talk about their collaboration, the Wurtz-Berger Duo. They talk about their instruments (piano and cello) and discuss their careers as musicians as well as the music scene in Chicago.

Edwards interview

Interview to learn about his past and get to know him better.

Grandma’s life and Lessons!

My grandma and I talk about where she grew up and what it was like for her. She also shares with me how she met my grandpa and what my Great grandma is like. At the end she shares some...

Lida Nedilsky and LiaLia Kuchma

Lida Nedilsky (51) interviews her mentor, LiaLia Kuchma (77), about her memories of moving to Chicago from Ukraine in the 1950s, the Ukrainian Village community, her work as an artist, and her reflections on the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Jverson Jenkins and Nancy Zook

Jverson Jenkins (19) talks to his former teacher, Nancy Zook (55), about high school at CCA Academy, his first year of college during the COVID-19 Pandemic, his family, and his hopes for his future.

John Guzlowski and Linda Calendrillo

John (66) talks to his wife Linda (62) about his parents who were survivors of Nazi concentration camps, how they migrated to the U.S. and the trauma they faced in their lives.

Genesis Glass and Nancy Zook

Genesis Glass (19) talks to her new acquaintance, Nancy Zook (55), about being a mom, graduating from high school, her interests, and her hopes for the future for herself and her daughter.

Delores Jardan and Azizah Ali

Azizah Ali (49) interviews her friend Delores Daaimah Jardan (86) about her childhood, upbringing, and parents. Ali also asks about Jardan's husband, Ronald T. Stokes, who was murdered by police in Los Angeles in 1962.

Fax Machines And Firefighters
November 21, 2018 App Interview

My grandfather was a firefighter in the past. In this interview he tells how and why he became one. And some of his strangest stories.

Rachel Parsons and Nick Hnatiw

Rachel Parsons (36) and her partner Nick Hnatiw (38) talk about how their relationship grew over time. They talk about the ease of being together, while not ignoring the difficulty of queer invisibility and missing a sense of belonging and...