Life story of Kristi Short

“I still love unicorns”, My mom stated after asking her”do you still love unicorns.” Alex Short interviews his mom, Kristi Short about her childhood in Oregon and how she got to where she is now even if she doesn’t like...

Quin Interviews His Grandma

For Thanksgiving, Quin’s Grandma came from Decatur, Illinois and stayed for the week. On Saturday, Quin decided to interview her, and this is that interview.

My mom’s fun childhood

My mother tells me her life story in 30 minutes. About her 9 other brothers and sisters, and me!

Interview With Sheron

The interview was about Sheron’s life and Child Hood. Sheron talks about how her live was growing up.

Phillip the Great

This is an inside look to phillip. It goes into on inside jokes within Phillips family and some traditions within. He gives inside on their religion and how he plans to live life with those ideas within his family. He...

Freaking Erin

In this interview, conducted in Chula Vista, California, Phillip (16) Nguyen interviews his friend Erin (17) about her friendships in high school and how her relationships there have affected her experience as a teenager and at the school. Erin shares...

Albert Sanchez: Loving uncle and businessman

“Believe that anything is possible, despite what life throws at you.” Erick Marmolejo (14) interviews his uncle Albert Sanchez (46). He described what it means to be successful and talks about people who inspire him.

Alev kelter talks about her Olympic career
December 12, 2017 App Interview

Delaney jones interviews a close friend Alev Kelter. She describes her life as an Olympic athlete playing rugby and her journey to get there.

Me and my tia

I interviewed my Tía Nelly. Her real name is Manuela. When she was little her dad used to tell her a story about “La Llorona”

Isaac jose

Realy funny brcuse he tell me some joks itoo the inerbie in bia de la bandola and hes name was jose luis martinez.

The story of Carlos

Carlos tell us about his life experience and growing as a person.

Back in the day

My mom has a very interesting way of looking at things, she is a very positive, happy person!

Mrs.Taylor and memories of her youth

During WW ll, all the men were drafed and she had to fill in for the science teacher for the time beaing without a clue of what she was doing. In December of 2017, Pilar Taylor (13) interviews her grandmother...

Father & Son

From Japan, Guam, the Phillipines and now America! Jaykob Garcia (13) interviews his father Sam Garcia (44). He describes his life from childhood to carrer as well as a full time job. He talks of those dear to him and...

An interview with my mom

I interviewed my mom and learned so many things about her personal experiences, opinions and beliefs. She described the kind of job that she have and how a typical day looks like in her workplace. I also learned that she...