Great Thanksgiving Listen

This interview is a conversation about my grandmother’s childhood life in the Philippines, journey to the US, and her life since then.

Who you are today

We talked about our adoption day and lessons learned in life.

The great thanksgiving listen

Memories that my grandfather had for the great thanksgiving listen

Alok's Interview with his Mom, Shashi Bina – Part II

Born as Bina Saxena in August 1943 in Lucknow and raised in a conservative joint household in Delhi and Lucknow, UP, India - she was the 2nd of four children of Ram Shanker and Prakash Saxena. She graduated high school...


This is for those out there who feel they cannot come back to themselves. This interview talks about how no matter what life throws at you, you have to remember that only you've got you.


My mom's life and what she wants to pass on.

Wendy Wolf interviews her father, Bo Wolf, the most positive man on the planet!

Wendy Suzanne Wolf: 2021-04-13 00:32:26 Wendy Wolf talks with her father, Bo Wolf, 88 yrs old. about his life. Born during the depression he hits highlights of his growing up around Cincinnati, Ohio, and the MANY moves that followed. Bo's...

Ponderings with Pops

Me and my grandfather sat down to talk about his past and how he grew up. We talked about his education and how he met my grandmother, and how the conversation ended was how he would like to be remembered.

Childhood Stories

Asking my 15yo what he remembers from his life so far.

Interviewing my grandmother Bobbie Farley.

I asked my grandmother Mimi 8 questions. We talked about her childhood, growing up, and many of her life expirences.

Betty’s Wisdom
November 24, 2019 App Interview

Wisdom from a 90th birthday, with reflections on feminism and family.

Daniel Hensler talks with his father Joeseph Hensler about his past and everything that led up to their move to Denver,

I'm this interview, conducted in May 2019 in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, Daniel Hensler (14) interviews his father Joseph Hensler (48) about his life up to his move to Denver, Colorado. Joe shares stories about his life in St. Louis and...

Remembering Maxine McAninch Hogue in celebration of her 100th birthday

Janet Hogue Thompson (77) talks with her daughter Michelle Thompson (51) about the life of her mother Mary Maxine McAninch Hogue (1920-1993) in rural Casey County, Kentucky.

Interview with Ms. Handkins

I interviewed Ms. Bridget Handkins, head of the Arts Department and Booth Management Team at West Clermont High School. We talked about everything from teaching during covid to how she proposed to her fiancé.

Grandpa Klatte

Aspen and Takoda came up with several questions to ask their grandfather.

Albert and Kathryn Schmidt remember the Great Depression of the 1930s and offer wisdom for 2020; interview conducted by Christine Schmidt

Albert Schmidt (94) and Kathryn Schmidt (91), share childhood memories of the Great Depression, the hardships, and resilience of their families in Louisville, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio. They offer advice for us at this time of global health and economic...

Dinah Mathews Sours and Christopher Sours

Dinah Mathews Sours (87) shares memories with her son, Christopher Sours (63), about her childhood experiences and journey from England to the United States during World War II.