Carlos Menchaca and Veronica Carbajal

Friends Veronica Carbajal (46) and Carlos Menchaca (42) share their experiences of El Paso and reflect on what working toward justice for their community looks like for them.

Sarah Justus and Rosa Benedicto

Sarah Justus (24) interviews her grandmother Rosa Benedicto (77) about Rosa's immigration from Ciuadad Juarez, Mexico to Chicago, Illinois. Rosa would eventually settle in El Paso, Texas. The pair also discuss Rosa's marriage and love story with her late husband.

Kerry Doyle and Professor León De la Rosa Carrillo

Colleagues Kerry Doyle (53) and Professor León de la Rosa Carrillo (45) discuss how they met, their art that reflects the Ciudad Juarez and El Paso border, and transborder ethics.

Tracy Yellen and Ruben Vogt

Tracy Yellen (52) interviews her friend Ruben Vogt (38) about his early life, political career, public service, and LGBTQIA+ rights. The two also discuss the El Paso mass shooting that occurred in 2019 and Ruben chairing the One Fund committee,...

AMST Final Interview

This story is all about my grandmother discussing her experience and thought on receiving her citizenship, and the U.S. Government. The interview also includes pieces of her past experience with the government in Mexico.

Crystal Sandoval and Gabby Munoz

Las amigas Crystal Sandoval (35) y Gabby Munoz (36) hablan de cómo se conocieron, sus vidas en la frontera, su trabajo de brindar servicios legales a inmigrantes y refugiados, y su amistad. [Friends Crystal Sandoval (35) and Gabby Munoz (36)...

Eufemia Garcia, Maria Gonzalez, and Consuelo Lopez

Colegas Eufemia Garcia (53), Maria "Rafaela" Gonzalez (65), y Consuelo Lopez (55) conversan de su trabajo en promover salud comunitaria y que significa a ellas de ser promotoras de salud. [Colleagues Eufemia Garcia (53), Maria "Rafaela" Gonzalez (65), and Consuelo...

Antonio Santos and Naomi Love

Antonio Santos (48) and Naomi Love (27) discuss Antonio's early life and childhood in El Paso, Texas, including when he and a group of other students sued the U.S. Border Patrol while he was in high school. Additionally, they discuss...

Elena Palacios and Victoria Nevarez

Friends and colleagues Elena Palacios (43) and Victoria Nevarez (24) discuss life on the border, their work with Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center, and their hopes for the future.

Preetha Rajkumar and Selvapriya Rajkumar

Selvapriya Rajkumar [no age given] interviews her daughter, Preetha Rajkumar (24), about her decision to start her non-profit organization No Lost Food, which addresses issues of world hunger and food waste.

Jacqueline Fierro and Gustavo De Los Rios

Friends Jacqueline "Jackie" Fierro (23) and Gustavo De Los Rios (25) discuss growing up on the border and what they've learned from their six months dancing together.

Marina Monsisvais, Sylvia Monsisvais, and Mauro Monsisvais

Marina Monsisvais (45) entrevista a sus padres, Sylvia Monsisvais (71) y Mauro Monsisvais (71), sobre su inmigración a los Estados Unidos desde Ciudad Juárez, México. Los dos emigraron sin saber inglés pero tenían un fuerte deseo de lograr sus metas...

Maria Elena Giner and Adriana Resendez

Colegas y amigas Maria Elena Giner (55) y Adriana Resendez (57) reflexionan sobre sus experiencias compartidas como madres trabajadoras, mujeres en ciencias, tecnología, ingeniería, y matemáticas, y su trabajo a la Comisión Internacional de Límites y Aguas.. [Colleagues and friends...

“All I want is to see my family together again”.

Claudia is a young Mexicanamerican woman who, with his husband, seeks to prove her American citizenship to resolve his immigration status.

Virginia Fraire and Jacob Fraire

Virginia Fraire [no age given] and Jacob Fraire [no age given] discuss immigration to the United States, growing up in poverty, and the importance of education. Jacob and his family immigrated from Mexico to the United States, where they were...

Across the Border: Abortion Laws and Feminism

Hello everyone, in this interview I had the honor of interviewing my friend Arantxa Rangel, an activist for abortion rights and women’s rights in both El Paso and Ciudad Juarez to discuss the different perspectives of the laws and her...