Seguridad informática

Se realiza entrevista al profesor de la universitaria Agustiniana, Francisco Valle referente a la seguridad informática.

Angel Enrique Tovar and Julian Martinez

The interview revolves around the life of a Colombian Soldier. It includes experiences from the tasks he had to handle and the achievements he accomplished. The topic about the result of the peace treaty made with the terrorist group called...


This is a story about a mother who will sacracice anything for her family, she shares her story with me and the world about what it was like having to grow up with a single mother, and her experience immigrating...

Interview with my Dzia Dzia: part 2 of 3

I interview my Grandfather about his education growing up, and what he did in the Peace Corp in Colombia. Changes in the education system between then and now are highlighted. See also part 1 and 3.

Dinner with Mami

I sat down with my mother and asked her some questions about what it was like for her growing up as an immigrant in the U.S.

Thanksgiving listen

We talked about my dad’s life when younger and his interests

Entrevista a un influencer

En esta entrevista se hablo de como un influenciador de las redes sociales, nos cuenta su experiencia de cómo ha sido este proceso de convertirse en un gran influenciador y el cual busca ser más reconocido por medio de las...

Interview william

Practice question different time for example present simple and continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous

Ethnic studies interview

My dad (Al Bastidas) was interviewed by his daughter what is was like coming to American from Colombia

Chuck Corra and Nicolas Cadena

Chuck Corra (29) and Nicolas Cadena (26) speak about the ways their backgrounds have informed their political views, and share their thoughts on community dynamics and the way personal context is needed to understand the identity that drives community attitudes.

Thanksgiving Talk With Tio Rico

While I got to talk with my family during our thanksgiving get-togethers, my Tio Rico and Tia Diana live in Virginia and were unable to come. As a result, I wanted to make sure that I called and was able...

Living as an Immigrant in NY Working

An interview with Alexa Marmolejo and the interviewee Diana Rivera during the Thanksgiving break. In this interview Diana gives story and background to her childhood growing up in America as an immigrant and trying to achieve her dream.


I asked my grandma, Ligia Medina Pérez, about her life and what she did.

interview Colombian immigrant

tells the story about how Rocio Giraldo came to the Unided States

Interview with Stella Orozco

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in McKinney, Texas, Bryce Muller(14) interviews her grandmother Stella Orozco(80) and her making her way to America. Stell shares her story about how it was hard coming to America and having to learn...