The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview I found that my grandma spent a lot of time alone, and was very independent as a kid. Also, that she hadn’t found her hobbies and or things she liked until she was older.

The Vietnam War

Where he was growing up at the time and what was going on in his life during the Vietnam War.

John F Kennedy assassination
October 30, 2018 App Interview

My grandpa and I discussing what life was like when John F. Kennedy got assassinated

Friends from elementary

Emily and Hannah have been friends since kindergarten. They talk about the past, future, and some present moments

Interviewing Megan Doughty

We talked about her cancer life and how it changed her. We also talked about Peyton, her 4 year old daughter as a single mom.

Vietnam War

Carol Dewalt’s experiences of the Vietnam war

Mom Interview

My mom went through a lot as a sister, daughter and mother. She has grown as a person and as a mom. All of the challenges she has faced and other things in her life, she has for seen all...

My role model

This is an interview I did with my mom. It’s her life story and how she got through the things hardships in her life.

APUSH INTERVIEW with my mom!_LilyDunkin

This is my mom’s history as seen through the lense of AP US History. Diane W dives most deeply into the racial conflicts as seen in her experiences through the Rodney King race riots in the 90s. Being a Women’s...