The Price Family’s Heritage and Traditions

I interview my mother, Tania Price, to find out more about our family’s origins and heritage. My mother shares her experience as an immigrant from Costa Rica now living in America. I learn more about our family’s Thanksgiving traditions and...

BigHugeMassiveWill vs. Mom

Will and Sam discuss various life questions on how Sam’s life experiences have played out

Experiencias Vividas Por Mi Madre

Este es una entrevísta que hize con mi madre Maria que es de Zarcero, Costa Rica. Tocamos sobre su proceso de enmigrar y inmigrar.

Anunciacion Maria del Carmen Elena Martinez de Cisneros

Life of my great aunt-as we affectionately call her Tia Carmen. She is my grandmother’s sister ( my mom’s Aunt). She was born in Costa Rica and came here to the US in her teens.

Steve Desroches and Jose Chaves

Steve Desroches (48) talks to Jose Chaves (50) about LGBTQ life in Costa Rica and in particular about the popular LGBTQ tourist destination of Manuel Antonio.

thanksgiving interview

the interviewee, Patrick Jordan, is a 55 year old male. we discussed things such as childhood, pattens, spiritual beliefs & traditions passed down through his family.

A helping hand for people that need it most.

A chat with an inspiring person that helps people with the use of lights and building greenhouses out of the greater good.

Taeler Danhieux and Carrie Danhieux-Poole

Mother and daughter Carrie Danhieux-Poole (55) and Taeler Danhieux (32) recall Carrie finding out she was pregnant with Taeler, nearly giving her up for adoption, parenthood, and life lessons.

The great thanksgiving listen – ivana

I interviewed my father Joseph charway Who is 65 years of age. in the interview we discussed a various amount of topics he talked about his childhood and the importance of family. In the interview you’ll see how Joseph’s upbringing...

Victor Acevedo and Ajax Greene

One Small Step partners Victor Acevedo (61) and Ajax Greene (66) discuss understanding LGBTQ identities as straight cis men, whether businesses should take political stands, and their fears around aging and disability.

Senior to Senior

i interviewed my grandma about her childhood and what she was like when she was my age.

Norm Redland and Brian Redland

Brian Redland (41) interviews his father Norm Redland (77) about how their ancestors came to the US, his childhood in Wyoming, and trips that the two of them took.

Adventurous German American Woman traveling in Remote Southern Mexico in 1959

Travel in remote Mexico to visit the Lacandon Indians in the jungle of Chiapas with a young documentary film maker in 1959. Travels of 19 year old Brigitte Heberle Stehlik and Manhattan Montana hitchhiking

Anna Katter and Julie Larsen

Anna Katter (35) interviews Dr. Julie Larsen (65) about memories of her son and Anna's partner, Dr. Ben Larsen, who died in a drowning accident on October 10, 2020. Memories include Ben's love for nature conservation, water sports, and the...

Interview with my mom

We talked about, how it was like moving to the US.

family interview

This interview was about me interviewing my aunt about her trip to Costa Rica and what it was like etc .

Austin Barraza and Roxanne Barraza

Austin Barraza (27) interviews his mom Roxanne Barraza (60) about her life, including her childhood, her parents, and being a mother.

Harriet Rosenberg and Monique Claudio

Monique Claudio (41) talks with her aunt Harriet Rosenberg [no age given] about the importance of family and knowing you are loved.

Donna Pate and Brent Ottaway

One Small Step participants Donna Pate [no age given] and Brent Ottaway [no age given] discuss their travels, how their politics have changed over time, and how illness has affected them, their families, and their political views.