Sharon Strus: Selfless Mother, Former Catholic Nun, & Polka Accordion Star. The story of a life of humble choices & great outcomes.

Sharon's storied life starts in Michigan, shipping off to the convent at age 13, finding herself in her 20s, then marrying a Polish bus driver in her 30s, and starting a new life chapter. Gain the wisdom of a woman...

Brigitte Brown, Julie Brown, and Joanna Brown

Brigitte Brown (75) talks about being a child in Germany during World War II. She escaped to Czechoslovakia and then was adopted. Her uncle reunited her with her family after the war, and she escaped to West Germany as a...

Defecting from Czechoslovakia with Irene Rosen and Kristin Koznarsky

Irene Rosen defected from Czechoslovakia at 11 years old. Her family’s clever escape from the Communist regime showcases the trials and tribulations of immigrants in the 1970’s. She reflects on her experience and elaborates on her unique story.

Leo Brichta Prisoner of War in WWI Russia told to Grandson Marshal Granor

Leo Brichta (75) discusses his capture and harrowing experiences in Siberia as a Prisoner of War in WWI. Interviewed by grandson Marshal Granor (16) then a high school student in 1972 as a social studies assignment for Dr. Herman Wohl...

Grandma Karafit and I talk about moving to America and family history.
December 24, 2015 App Interview

I interview my 94 year old grandmother about her life and family history. She moved to the U.S. in the late 1920's from Czechoslovakia and raised a family in rural Ohio.

Interview with Iva Kucera

Talking with my dear friend Iva Kucera about her childhood and immigration from Czech Republic.

Jitka Prokesova & Rori Harris-Killough

Jitka shares her story of getting her nursing degree in communist ruled Czechoslovakia in 1985 and defecting to the U.S. two years later. In the U.S. she couldn't work as a nurse but it was all she ever wanted to...

Milan Ferencei and Zora Carrier

Milan Ferencei (61) speaks with his wife, Zora Carrier (57), about his experiences growing up in Slovakia, working in medicine, coming to the United States, and meeting Zora later in life.

My Grandpa Soccer Star Josef Jelinek
December 2, 2022 App Interview

My name is Anthony Jelinek and I interviewed my grandpa Josef Jelinek who was born in 1946 in Communist Czechoslovakia. He played in the World Cup before he sought asylum in Italy and later immigrated to the United States where...

James Newman, Denis Newman, and Christian Newman

Father, Jim Newman (72) and mother, Denis Newman (70) tell their son, Christian Newman (45) the story about their time living in Czechoslovakia.

Learning more about my Slovakian mother

A story about my mother's life growing up in communism and its the political/social effects, her work and educational background, and dabbles of small stories from her childhood, teenage years, and college life.

Sono’s incredible Journey to Europe

Sono Begert (née Nishimura) travelled from Japan to Europe in 1939, just as World War II began.

Savannah Hill and her Grandpa Adolph Svec’s experiences from college, the military, and his family.

An interview with my grandfather about his experiences and reflections on his life during his different careers. He talks about his military life, teaching life, important people in his life, and the history of his parents and grandparents.

Steve Kovach shares the stories of his youthful romances, misbehavior, and the plans he had for the future.

The interview was conducted by Rebecca Kovach (16) who interviewed her father, Steve Kovach (53). It was recorded on November 23, 2018, one day before Steve’s 54th birthday. It took place in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in their Grandmothers house....

Ed Rehak Czechoslovakian history

My great uncle Ed recalls memories from early childhood during the depression as well as cultural aspects from his Czechoslovakian ancestry.

John Svagera and Mildred Marne

John Svagera (72) and his aunt Mildred Marne [no age given] share a conversation about their family history, particularly the experience of Mildred's father who immigrated to the United States from The Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia) following World War I.

Conversation with Mom

Background conversation with my mom to get an idea of her family heritage and my dads. And just where they grew up so we have that on record.

Escaping from the Nazis

“My grandmother didn’t want to leave, and my mother, very bravely at age 24 went back to Prague and got her mother and her younger sister Mimi out of Prague with great difficulty… on the last train before Hitler marched...

Interviewing My Mother

Interview with my mother about who has influenced her life, family history, and her work history and experiences.

Interview with Blanche Hodde

Interview with Blanche Hodde about having parents who are immigrants, living during the Great Depression, working as a women and World War II.