Great Thanksgiving Listen Part 2
January 12, 2019 App Interview

Michael talks about his life and how it may be different than what he thought it would be

Evelyn Gray, 97 year old retired teacher, Washington, DC 11/23/17

Evelyn Gray, a 97 year old retired teacher, is interviewed by Bethany Gibson, 15, about her life. From teaching in a one room school to being the only African American teacher in an all white school, her experiences are invaluable....

Having a low self esteem to becoming confident

Jada at some point in her life had low self esteem which derive from the experience she had going to school. It lowered her self esteem but at the same time made her a better person as she grew older.

The Last 62 Years of Television Part 2

I talk with my 62 year old father about the evolution and changes of TV over his lifetime. He goes into detail about the shows he has life connections to.

Father-son interview

Talked about a bit of everything, from humble, rough beginnings, to hopeful projections for the future for me and him

Interview with my Dad

I talked to my dad about his early life

Theo remembers Reilly

Theo reprises his memories from Reilly's memorial and adds a bit about camp.

Chatting with my dad, Steve Simonds.

Dad talks a bout the most influential elements in his life, from growing up in NH to his service in WWll to his career in human services policy in Maine and Washington DC.

Hyperhidrosis: Family Story

This story is about a mother, daughter, and son all afflicted by the same condition; hyperhidrosis. It is our story of being misunderstood and dismissed, not anymore!

Great Thanksgiving Listen
January 12, 2019 App Interview

The first part of the interview with Michael talking about his job and his experiences there.