Gavin’s Interview with Grandma

Grandma has been living with Gavin (age 6), his sister Audra (she 3) for 5 months. Today he asked her questions about growing up in Illinois and raising her family in Colorado

Sex Trafficking

My grandma and I talked about what she does for a living and girls that are being sex trafficked.


We got a new cat 3 weeks ago who had never been let out of a cage for 5 1/2 years. This interveiw is basically about how she has gotten better. And how we are transitioning her to become better...

Ezri Peterson talks to her grandmother Betty Peterson about her family

In this interview, recorded November 28 2022 in Denver, Colorado Ezri Peterson (15) interviews her grandmother Betty Peterson about the origins of her side of the family. Betty shares that her grandparents had come from Russia. She also says that...

My sister’s progress (in life) up to this point

A conversational style interview as we reflect on some of the factors influencing my sisters life.

The Man With A Million Jobs

We talked about his career and school and how it affected him. We also talked his family and how life was when he was younger.

Grateful for love

Anna (23) discusses what has been most impactful in her life, including love from family and friends, wisdom of a kind teacher, and cherished memories

Family relationships

we talked about the past and the future and what should happen moving forward.

Three key values for daily living

In my earliest childhood while living at the orphanage, I learned three key values that I carried all my life. Accept people for who they are, share what you have, and do not stereotype.


This is a casual and interesting interview of my mother

Interview with Samuel Taye

Arianna L., an intern at Arts Street, had the opportunity to chat and interview an immigrant from Ethiopia. We bring you this podcast episode to discuss his immigration and life story. Samuel Taye came from Ethiopia and now resides in...

Charles Ewing on Immigration and Ancestry

Charles Ewing discusses the values of his ancestors. He also speaks about his views on immigration.

Interview with Oma

My grandmother’s experience growing up in Germany during the end of World War 2, and her journey to the United States.

Hillary Barton and Noel Nellis

Hillary Barton (38) interviews her great-uncle, Noel Nellis (87), about his childhood, career, family, church, and the lessons that he has learned throughout his life.

Interview with Yokabed Ogbai, Gorreti Murguia, and Jose Catarino

Yokabed Ogbai, Goretti Murguia, and Jose Catarino have three unique immigration stories ready to be toldthat they shared with the J2U interns. Yoki is 19 years old and heading into college. She recently received her citizenship and currently resides in...

Robert Bogner and Jack Llewellyn
August 17, 2022 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Jack Llewellyn (58) and Robert Bogner (90) talk about family life, cancer among family members, the importance of work, fatherhood and love of the common man.