Mark and Greg, brothers in high school, talk about memories and the future.

Mark (15) and Greg (16) are brothers who talk about the world on November 28, 2023. They talk about visits to Disney World as children, technology in their lives and how it will affect their future, and memories.

Spanish Interview

I am interviewing my mom. She is 43 years old. Originally from San Luis, Potosi, Mexico.

Junko Takamatsu’s Story of America with her Granddaughter Lauren Kwong

Junko Takamatsu (age 74) is an Japanese American woman born after WWII. She shares her story of coming from Japan to the America. Her granddaughter, Lauren Kwong (age 16) asks her questions about her life in America.

Lauren Wright and Lisa Al Taie

Friends Lisa Al Taie (61) and Lauren Wright (61) share memories and reflect on their lives.

An interview with Jeanne Lykken

In this interview we talked of how my Grandmother's life of travel helped her grow as a person and the kind of adventures she went on.

1984 perspective on life

Sharmaine Adams James age 38 discusses with Kazim Adams thoughts on life choices and potential on future subjects.

Nora’s Happiest Memory

aletheia lovett interviewed nora bevilacqua about her happiest memory

sister to brother

hi my name is Abaraham venegas and I am 16yrs old and I will be interviewing my sister who is 30 yrs old . the reason why I interviewed her was because she is a big part of a role...

Shadi Nadri and Theo Morgan

Best friends, Shadi Nadri (27) and Theo Morgan (22), share a conversation about mental health, body image, travel, hobbies, clothing, death, self-love, and friendship.

Kylie Petrozza – Interview With My Mom
January 6, 2023 App Interview

Hi, I’m Kylie Petrozza. This is an interview that I did with my mom, Laura Petrozza. We filmed it on January 4th, 2023. I am 16 years old at the time of recording, and my mom is 53. We discussed...

Myra and Salvador talk about his experience as an undocumented immigrant. “It was my choice”

Myra talks to her family friend Salvador about is life as a Mexican immigrant. This interview was recorded while at Disneyland where the whole family was celebrating him getting his papers.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I chose to interview my grandma, Christine LaFreniere, who is 76 years old. I discussed with her different aspects of her life such as her parents, family, some childhood memories, school, where she grew up, relationships, and work, just to...

Ariya Lee Thanks Giving Interview 11/27/23

I am Ariya, I am 14 years old interviewing my mom Jenny Lee. We have discussed family background and cultural heritage. You will listen to my mom give definitions of Culture, family and more. Meals, family memories, and stories!

Andrew Weber and Jessica Hong

Andrew Weber (24) and his mentor, Jessica Hong (39), share a conversation about family, camping, amusement parks, and movies. Andrew also remembers the loved ones who he has lost and shares life advice for those listening.

interviewing my nana

I interview my nana about her childhood and how she met my papa and their time together and my dad, her son, as a child.

“Don’t burn bridges”

This is just a simple interview recorded with my father, Alexander Leal alongside with his daughter, Sienna Leal. My father relives his memories throughout his life in this interview.

Interviewing My Sister

In this interview, recorded on April 2020 in North Hills, California, my sister Monica Rodriguez (18). She talked about her childhood growing up as the oldest in a small neighborhood. She also talks about people most important to her and...

Hispanic Lit Assessment

My name is Angelina Ruiz and I was interviewing my mother Rosemary Janeiro. I always wanted to sit down with my mom and talk to her about certain topics and this was a perfect time to see how she really...

Interviewing my older brother

I interviewed my older brother. He answered simple questions like what is he most grateful for, one happy memory he has, what he's passionate about and one favorite memory he has of me.