“Times of my life”

I talked about the times of my life that I remember at some of the main parts of my childhood. Some main parts of like Elementary in me living in this East LA area.

Masahiro Ishigami and Song Seto

Song Seto (30) interviews her husband Masahiro "Masa" Ishigami (37) about his decision to leave Japan and enroll in high school in the United States. They also talk about their own relationship, their civil and family marriage ceremonies, and hopes...

Xochilt C. Ball

We talked about xochilt’s past life. Also her life now.

Love, Riots, and Violence, at USC

Ann Garrett, from Clovis, California, in her junior year of USC, 1992, was put into the middle of the Rodney King riots. It is a firsthand story of someone stuck in a violent protest. Interviewed by Luke Garrett, 14, her...

Interviewing my sister

We talked about how she was like as a child and a little bit of my great grandparents

4/20 Purgatory

In just two short hours Gregory, a “kind level headed guy” loses his mind as his friend Logan chases him through the streets of Los Angeles