Hector Padilla interviews his grandfather, Fernando, as he talks about his past (Great Thanksgiving Listen).

I interviewed my grandfather on December 2, 2017. My mom was helping out to translate since my grandfather speaks Spanish. I asked him questions going from his older life in Baranquilla, Colombia to questions about his life in transition into...

Amber Minuth learn about her grandmother and mothers life growing up

We recorded this video in Brigantine, New Jersey which is where my grandmother lives. We talked about her life and about how she is really proud of her children. Also how there was an influential figure in her life. I...

Nithik Chintalacheruvu Interviews his Father about his Life

In this interview,conducted in Morganville, Nithik Chintalacheruvu talks to his Father about various things including his childhood and his journey to America. He learns a lot about his father.

Sara Kacprzykowski’s Test Interview for the Great Thanksgiving Listen, 2019

In this test recording, Sara Kacprzykowski at Egg Harbor Township Highschool in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey records a practice audio file for the 2019 pilot of the Great Thanksgiving Listen. Sara Kacprzykowski is in 11th grade and is studying...

Much More in 16 Years

In this interview, Ruby Doran (16), interviews her mother Susan Doran (49), about what it was like to raise her, and how her mental health struggles had affected her mom.

Living in the Moment

For the Great Thanksgiving Listen, Timothy Chancey, an Egg Harbor Township High school student, interviews Angelina Gorobchenko, his sister, about her life growing up and the life she is living now. She expresses her feelings of traveling from Russia to...

Interview with my Grandpa

My Grandpa and I talk about the different parts of his life, including a discussion about his time in the military and advice he would like to give to future generations of his.

Love and Support

In this interview, conducted on November 25, 2018 in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Umme Rumana (41) talks to her daughter, Tasmia Rahman (16) about how her childhood and life was like in Bangladesh before coming to America. Mrs. Rumana...

We need more people like you.

A conversation about life, love, loss, learning, goals and support systems with Mr Tom from The Spot at APHS.

How Music Changed My Life.

Being admitted into a psychiatric center. How music changed my life for the better.

“Family First”

In this interview, recorded in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey on November 21st, 2018, Taylor Carr (16) interviews her marching band director Ben Fong (66) about his life and career. Taylor asks many emotional questions about Ben's family life and...

Talk with Oma

Talked with Oma about her life and how it was growing up in german. She has dementia, making this a little more difficult, but she did a fantastic job.

Dorothy Mullen

End of life interview with environmental activist who chose hospice early for improved quality of life.


In this interview, conducted on November 25 2018 in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Hannah Rose (16) interviews her Dad David Rose (49) about his child hood in Ocean City and his relationship with his siblings. Mr. Rose shares his...

Deliberating with Dad

Me and my father talk about his eventful life he’s spent across the country.

November 24, 2018

My grandmother tells me about her life in Puerto Rico and how she got to where she is today.