Gram and Gramps

This interview is in Spanish. My grandparents live in El Salvador

Viajando en los Tiempos de Mi Abuela

Basado con la entrevista que se hizo con mi abuela Martha, se puede decir que la vida tiene muchos altos y bajos el cual las personas tienen que luchar para poder lograr un mejor futuro.

Foster child in El Salvador

Foster child after the Salvadoran civil war. My mom’s experienced as a foster child.

Carolina On Carolina

Carolina explains fascinating things like locking her younger cousin in a closet.

Things from my Uncle’s Life

We talked about my uncle's childhood. Also, we talked about his military service in his country. About him coming to the United States and How was his journey coming here. Finally, we talked about his life in the United StStates,...

One of many journey’s

An interview with my father’s journey from El Salvador to the United States and his encounters.

Things that would happen to anyone else

In this Interview I had the opportunity of interviewing my mother in law Laura. I asked her many questions about her life that helped me get to know her better.

Salvadorian Civil War

An immigrated mother-of-three speaks on the differences between life in the U.S and life in the war-torn El Salvador.

NACARA interview

We discussed about the influences that led this family to apply for the NACARA relief program as well as the impacts

Interview with my father

I asked him many questions about his childhood and Many emotional questions.

Story Corp

He talked about family and how his time away from his family was hard. His biggest influence was his mom.

Kevin Ring and Edwin Reyes

Kevin Ring (57) and his husband Edwin Reyes (52) consider how Kevin's military background, Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and Edwin's immigration status have affected their relationship. They also share memories from their wedding day and offer advice to those who...

Mi querido padrastro

My stepfather Neftalí Hernandez and I Melany Claros talked about the first time my stepfather met my mother, when he saw me for the first time, what dreams he has of me and if he is proud of me.

With Oleg, his piano classes are like laboratories. He not only teaches you the technique, but the touch. . .

Teresa Orantes Kane lives a musical life. A retired opera singer and teacher, she graces the halls of Saint Paul Conservatory as a piano student of Oleg Levin. Her credentials as a soloist include performing with the Chicago Symphony, Grant...

Victor’s Grandmother immigration story

My Grandma talks about her journey coming here to the United States from El Salvador. She talks about having to travel 3 times because of her children, the struggles of living in a country that speaks a whole other language,...

Kerri Rhodes and Rosa Tapia

Colleagues Kerri Rhodes (44) and Rosa Tapia (31) discuss the creation of the non-profit Restore Education, the goals of their programming, and the demographic the non-profit serves.