Asked her some questions and got deep responses.

Dino Santo, interview.

I think that Garret had a very interesting life and had a lot of wisdom to share.

The Special Summer Day in Escondido, CA 1957

This interview is a narrative by Teddy of some activities he recalls fondly during his childhood in Escondido California. He has combined many of the activities into one special day.

Interview with Raul Soto

Raul Soto talks about being a first generation immigrant. He goes over the struggles he had growing up in Mexico and why he moved to the United States.

Interview with Mike Andrews

Mike Andrews talks about his childhood in the mid 1900’s. He also discusses his experience in the Navy and working other jobs before he arrived at MSE landscaping.

Courtney’s Carrer Journey and Life Lessons

In this interview conducted on November 3rd, 2017 in San Diego California, Kyley Abrams interviews her cousin Courtney Abrams about her career and childhood. Courtney shares information about law school and what it took to major in law. She also...

Great Thanksgiving Listen – Justice Moore, Jeffrey Wheat

An interview of one of the grandparents at the San Pasaual Academy in San Pasqual Valley conducted by Justice Moore, a student at San Pasqual Union Elementary and Middle School. The interviewee is Jeffrey Wheat. This interview is conducted unprofessionally...