Family, Faith, and Fitness

My grandfather, Bill McGuirk (age 77), discusses his childhood growing up on a farm in a family of 15 children, attending boarding school, and becoming a High School Principal. He talks about how his experiences on the basketball court in...

Silvia Lynch

This is an interview is with my grandmother Silvia Lynch.In this she talks about her life growing up on a farm with 14 siblings and being the mother of 7 children.

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1950s Interview about Janet Lesak and her time from the changes of the city life to suburban life.

Building Bridges with Mr. Dumpys

Mr. Dumpys telling me about his life story, how Faith played a role in his life, his job and volunteer work, his school stories and lessons, and his influences.

Sue from Humboldt
December 14, 2022 App Interview

Sue’s life as a farmer

James Foster and Ms. Accie Mae Murray talk about family life, growing up on a farm and how her parents guided her to take the right path.

Ms. Murray talks about growing up on a farm, with her family, where she learned about family togetherness, and having fun. Her parents taught her to stay healthy, and to get along with all kinds of people. Her mother shared...

Interviewing My Grandma

I interviewed my grandma, Hilda Fowler on her life, but especially her childhood. My grandma grew up in North Carolina just outside of Raleigh. Her whole life she lived in the south. She was born on March 7, 1936 and...

"I knew I could count on you…"

Siblings, Alena (39) and J (33), reflect on their childhood in rural, northern Indiana, and the changes they've experienced and support they've received.

Ethan and his grandpa Roger share a conversation about Rogers full life

This interview happened on the 24 of November, 2017. In the city of paynesville, Minnesota, when Ethan(14) interviews his Grandpa(Roger)(69)where Ethan asks questions about his times in the reserves, his four children, growing up on the farm with his parents,...

The Interview

In this interview with my mom we talked about her life expirences and her advice!

Interview with Aunt Judy

We talked about mainly her childhood and her favorite memories and stories that took place throughout her life time. My aunt also spoke mainly of the lessons she learned and how she grew as a person through the many things...

The Great Thanksgiving
November 25, 2022 App Interview

Me asking question with my dad :)

Interview with an Elder

My grandmother, JoAnn Griffin, describes what her life was like on the farm where she grew up. She tells how she met my grandfather and how she would like to be remembered.

Farm Life

The two people in the interview are Presley Panaro and Mary Jane Arrington, Mary Jane is Presley's grandmother. The interview took place at Mary Jane's House and Presley age is 14. Working on a farm is long, hard work but...


His life when he was younger and hit a rough patch

Grandma Jo

A story with Grandma Jo. She tells us her story and much more.

Getting down to business

For this interview I talk to my mom about her business and the things that she is going through while owning a business and I was helping her get through some of the things that she’s going through. She also...

Interview on amber

We talked about was questions about her life

Thanksgiving listen

How life was growing up poor in the 50s

It’s not nice to starve little boys

Learn about living in a farm and being a nurse.

Through the eyes of Carrol as a child.

Recorded on November 24, my grandmother told me all about her life as a child. Overall, she enjoyed her childhood and the people who where in it. She enjoyed playing with her brothers, cooking, and playing with friends. Although she...