Me and my older sister discuss the future comically and philisophically

Isaak and Mary, brother and sister, share a laugh or two in their interview, wherein their satire is actually so bad that it surprisingly takes on a meaning of its own.

Oral History Interview – Antoinette White

Interview about her experience being a young, black, female University of Arkansas student from the Delta.

Oral History Interview

Shelby and I talked about Our friendship and how we have grown up together and how it is to find us as the person we are today.

Love, Pain, Past, Present, and Future

As the interviewer I tried to structure the interview in the order of past, present future. So from her childhood, to her relationship with my father, to having me as a child, and finally to her future

Interview with Grandma Jewel!

A blast from the past helps us recollect and embrace our culture to carry it into our social conversations. Questioning our grandmother Jearlene Williams enlightened our perspective on our legacy and ultimately our perseverance. To have insight into our upbringing...

Spencer Hornsey Interview

This was an interview with my dad about his work life, his family life, and lessons he has learned.

Linden Combs Interview

In this interview I learned more about what my Mom’s life was like from the time she was a child up until getting married and having children.