Thanksgiving Discussion

An interview between Curtis Couillard(16) and Janice Faria(74) where Curtis asks his grandma about her life and accomplishments.

Differences between Indiana and Florida

My Grandma and I talked about how different the seasons are, how the teacher style has changed, and why she moved to florida

Thanksgiving Interview with Jane Deutschmann

Interview with my grandma Jane Deutschmann how she thinks thanksgiving should be celebrated for future generations and how we should remember her. She believes it thanksgiving is a time for being with family and always being there for others.

Resilience, music, and religious faith during a time of Grief and Loss

In this interview, Jackie Koepchen describes her relationship with her sister and how it changed during childhood, adulthood, and eventually when her sister passed away. When discussing her sister‘s passing, Jackie explained how she was able to cope and gain...

Thanksgiving Interview

We talked about my mom's life when she was younger and some of her memories of me.

interview with a relative

this is an interview with my aunt for an english assignment based on a thankful thanksgiving listen.

Interview with Grandma and Grandpa Driftmier

We are in Florida on a giant family trip to celebrate Micah’s brother’s end of chemo, and we interviewed our grandparents Tammie and Steve Driftmier.