Michael Lividini interviews Elise Jones and talk life experiences, weddings, and growing up.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017, Michael Lividini (15) interviews his grandmother Elise Jones (68) in Fort Worth, Texas. They talk about growing up, Jones’ wedding, politics, and jobs that she had in the past. At the conclusion of...

Richard Flores (94) and granddaughter Erica Flores (43)

Richard talks about growing up as a first-generation Mexican-American in the Northside of Fort Worth during the Great Depression, working as a pressman, his time in the Korean war, his parents fleeing the Mexican revolution, and his hopes for his...

Kate and Triniti pt. 2

Kate and I had an elaborate conversation about events ranging from family to God. She expanded on her hopes for the future, how people see her and who has inspired her to become who she is today.

Mary Bee Querner Poole interview about brother Harold being born June 11, 1918 on bank of Trinity River near TCU

Mary was talking about her brother being born near TCU on the bank of the Trinity and more about her grandfather Herman Von Querner from Standahl, Saxony, Germany and his family, Mary’s uncles and aunts that were her father Will’s...

getting to know my vice principal

talking about her difficulties and what she’s most grateful for throughout her life

Junior Interview

Jose talks about several topics like his past relationships, happiest memories and greatest accomplishments.

SCI1123: Father Interview

I asked my fathers questions about his childhood, the life lessons he’a learned, and what as a father he would like me to know.

My Grandmother’s Life

In this interview conducted on November 26, 2017, Jonathan Rhodes (17) interviews his maternal grandmother, Betty Ann Coble Emmert (76) about her life. She talks about what her childhood was like while living in Texas with her older sister and...

The cancer life of Jaime Huerta

This interview was with my dad Jaime Huerta who was a survivor of lung cancer when he was 18. He tells his inspirational and true story of his process to survival and how hard it was.

Robert Lourcey- Thanksgiving Story From My Dad
November 28, 2023 App Interview

My father talks about a funny thanksgiving story, his childhood thanksgiving, how he wants to be remembered, and gave advice on the future. He shared advice for future generations to act well and make reasonable investments. We incorporated thanksgiving since...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

This interview was about his life (my dads life). He talked about his jobs he had, what he did, and his role model. He has lived in the U.S for approximately 30 years now and his job always has been...

Story Corps Journalism Interview

In this interview, I talked with my dad about his childhood and school memories.

Tough Love

Tough love from close memories and people.It will shape you into somebody strong.

Jack Howe and Shelly Fraiser

One Small Step conversation partners Jack Howe (66) and Shelly Fraiser (42) shares stories and discuss topics related to adulthood friendship, the effects of alcoholism, and the place of politics in the work place.


My mom and I discuss life and memories

Melinda Hamilton and Felicia Williams

Friends Melinda Hamilton [no age given] and Felicia Williams [no age given] have a conversation about helping others navigate the grieving process. They also discuss their shared experiences and talk about their nonprofits called "Journey 2 Healing Hearts" and "Mother's...


In this interview, we discovered how we can grow even past the negative things that occur to us

Ozella Cheek Thanksgiving 2017

An interview with Ozella Cheek on Thanksgiving Day 2017.

Mother and Daughter Interview(spanish)

Me and my mom talked about some of her childhood, me and my brother, my family, amd the future for all of us.

The last of the 90’s babies

Two cousins recount their time as children and share advice for the future