Ft. Worth Coronavirus Log: 3.19.2020

Gracie Rutherford, 11 years old, interviews her family about their experience with the coronavirus shutdown

Mom Makes Our City A Safer Place

I interviewed my mom and asked her about the time she used her voice to make our neighborhood a safer place to live.

Me and Mom!

I interviewed my Mom about her life as a real superhero

My Grandfather’s life.

Jim Brooks grew up in Dallas Texas in the Great Depression. He then was drafted into the Korean War in 1953. He then got married, had 2 kids and has 4 grandchildren.

En el rancho

lucila tejeda talks about her childhood, her dream job, and more! Only in this interview translated by my mother! you cannot miss it.

Period 1 Classwork 4/25

I Crystal Woolen and Tameia Young talked about who are people in our life that influenced us our impacted our lives.

A great listen

This is an interview of me and my mom (Perla Conteras). She’s talking about her childhood and her hardships in life.

Story Corps Interview

We talked about where my grandparents are from and how they grew up. We also talked about how life works and the lessons you will learn.

Words From The Wisest

This is a interview of my aunt who has been like a grandmother to me since I was young

Inside the Life and Times of Ouida Bradshaw

Interviewing my maternal grandmother over lunch near TCU. She has always been a character so this interview covers some important parts of her life and a future interview will cover he funny stories.

A long conversation with my grandpa by his favorite grand daughter

Hi, my name is crystal Avelar. My grandpa and I had a long conversation about everything and anything. He was talking to me about all his memories and his favorite times growing up.

The interview with my dad

We talked about life in the military and how it was. We also talked about what life is about.

Sarah and Shaylor

This is an interview between me and my fiancée.

RMC Interview

This is my interviewed conversation with one of my ACH roommates Mahjahru. This may be the beginning of something more.

My Mom

This interview is about my awesome mom.