My Dad’s Story

I interviewed my dad. We talked about his life growing up and I learned a few new things that he though about me 🙂

Addy and Grandma Kuper interview pt 2

We talked about her college, where she lived/worked, my grandfather

Father and son interview

We talked about our past and what is was like. Growing up as a child was harder for my dad than it was for me right now.

Regina Dijeau and how she lived her life

Today I interviewed my mom on her experience with life and she told me a lot of personal and fun details. She is a very good story teller and I believe there isn’t a dull moment in this interview. I...

Activist Mónica Ramírez Interviews Jose Ramírez, Sr., her dad

Mónica interviews her father about growing up in Mississippi, working in the fields, the people who inspire him and his hope for the future.

Noni and I

For my AVID class we had to record an interview with a family member over Thabksgiving break. My Noni and sat down and discussed various questions about her life.