Brenda Quiroz and Bonnie Keller

One Small Step Partners Brenda Quiroz (32) and Bonnie Keller (66) reflect on the importance of uplifting others, share stories from their childhood, and talk about what influenced them to get into their line of work.

Patrick O’Brien and David Wilkes

David Wilkes interviews his Grandfather, Patrick O’Brien about his immigration to the US, his service in the Vietnam, his career and family.

Carol Giovacchini and Deanna Calvin

One Small Step conversation partners Carol Giovacchini (68) and Deanna Calvin (49) talk about the evolution of their political views and the importance of learning about other perspectives.

Jerry Thurston and Duvi Matsumura

One Small Step partners Jerry Thurston (60) and Duvi Matsumara (52) have a conversation about teaching at neighboring community colleges, having a balance between work and good relationships in life, and supporting the idea of taking chances to their younger...

Carolyn Avigliano and Tyrone Williams

Carolyn "Mary" Lee Avigliano (41) and Tyrone Roderick Williams (60) talk about their childhoods, the obstacles they've overcome, commitment to community, frustrations with social/political divisions, and their hopes for Fresno.

Beverly and Emily Stewart

Beverly Stewart (73) talks with her granddaughter, Emily Stewart (25) about her childhood and some of the lessons that she learned from the people around her.

Peter Wall and Linda Garcia

One Small Step conversation partners Peter Wall (43) and Linda Garcia (33) discuss their work as a lawyer and academic counselor, diversity in education, and being people-focused in their politics.

Carlos Huerta and Benita Vasquez

Colegas Carlos Huerta (31) y Benita Vasquez (36) hablan sobre sus vidas y activismo en Fresno, California. Benita habla sobre ser un líder en su comunidad y Carlos habla sobre su involucramiento en la iniciativa DRIVE. [Colleagues Carlos Huerta (31)...

Merideth Wieland and Anita "June" Jeung

Merideth Wieland (54) talked with her Auntie June (Anita Jeung) (96) about June's childhood and family (Chong), including Merideth's father Wilbur Chong. June takes them out at the end with a song.

the learnings of a 14 college graduate

Jeff Seifert, currently a father and computer programmer, shares his learnings of attending college at age 14. He shares the wisdom he attained from the experience, as well as the ups and down in his college life as well as...

Cassandra Little and Tania Santiago-Greathouse

One Small Step conversation partners Tania Santiago-Greathouse (36) and Dr. Cassandra Little (58) talk about their frustrations with partisan politics and how it affects their work, as well as their roles on the Central Valley Community Foundation's DRIVE committee to...

Mariposa Burciaga and Jana Lucas

One Small Step conversation partners Mariposa Burciaga (54) and Jana Lucas (51) talk about defying their parents' expectations and their difficult relationships with them as they age; the pain of losing friendships and the people they love; the role of...

Suzan Martinez-Bigelow and Margaret Marty

One Small Step partners Suzan Martinez-Bigelow (69) and Margaret Marty (55) talk about the importance of honesty in the political sphere and reflect on their hopes for overcoming increasing division.

Grams Life

My grandma and I talk about her childhood along with her parents. Then we get into conversation about the love of her life.

David Bautista Gonzalez and Daniel Dominguez

One Small Step conversation partners David Bautista Gonzales (21) and Daniel Dominguez (43) dive into their different lived experiences. They find commonalities in their experiences growing up in Mexican-American culture and understanding the bittersweetness of being a first generation college...

Roxanne Villaluz and Sherry Donegan

One Small Step conversation partners Sherry Donegan (52) and Roxanne Villaluz (48) have a conversation about how they formed their political beliefs and outreach programs they are passionate about.

Patricia Bower and Don Simmons

One Small Step Partners and California residents Don Simmons (66) and Patricia Bower (70) reflect on their life paths, familial and legislative political conflict, faith, homelessness, and California politics.