Beverly Smith and Louise Harrison Lepera

Friends Beverly Smith (74) and Louise Harrison Lepera (53) share a conversation about their friendship, feminism and feminist thought, the Combahee River Collective, mental health, and the coronavirus pandemic.

William Mullins and Chad Stiles

Chad Stiles (39) interviews his former teacher, William Mullins (88), about being a teacher at Antioch school, how he came into teaching at an alternative school, and the unique educational experiences students had at Antioch.

Robert Marvit and Roben Marvit

Roben Marvit (84) interviews her husband, Robert "Bob" Marvit (84), about his service as a doctor for the Coast Guard. They also talk about how they met and their life in Hawaii.

Crayton Robey and Tom Ciano

Crayton Robey (50) interviews his friend Tom Ciano (66) about his experience during the AIDS epidemic, being a caretaker to his partner Tom Morgan and their relationship to Fire Island Pines.

Ruth Black and Carl Black

Carl Black (43) interviews his mother, The Rev. Dr. Ruth Black (75) about her mother, her time at Harvard, her calling into the priesthood, and her work with AIDS patients.

Greenstein: Dad and Daughter
August 25, 2019 App Interview

A dad and his adult daughter talk about the happy moments early in his first marriage, overcoming shyness, and being bullied

Brian Sherman and Edward Hall

Edward Austin Hall (58) has a Conversation with his friend and fellow artist, Brian Sherman (76), about Brian's career in sociology, as well as, his passion for avant garde music and art.

Nina Howard and Shoshanna Howard

Nina Howard (57) talks with her daughter Shoshanna Howard (27) on Mothers Day about her immigrant mother and her own experiences raising her son and two daughters.