Getting too know

We could not make it five minutes long but I got the project done it was fun I got to know my mom better.

Different Point Of View

How my brother ( Jose ) explains his point of view of his life and how he handles life choices differently.

Interview with my mom.

My mom and I talked about people who affected her life, regrets that she had, and lessons she had learned.

My father

A small sit down with my dad to see what more i can find out about him

Interview with Bill Daws

In the interview with Bill Daws. We had discussed about what our family was like back then and a few things about himself.

The journey from South Korea to America

Alan Yoon: 2020-10-12 05:54:29 Alan Yoon interviews his dad on his experience and memories that are all part of the family moving to America.

Chiang Osbert and Yun-Ju Lu

Yun-Ju Lu(48) my mother from Taiwan talking about the past life and parent.

My dads childhood

We talked about my dads life when he was a child and what he did to have fun and stuff.

Marquis Interviews Mom

I interviewed my mom (Porscha Bell). This interview was mostly about how her life has been for her.

Discussion of The Sacrament of Marriage with Coco

Discussion of marriage and background behind the Sacrament in my grandmother’s life.

Interview with my mom.

I ask my mom some questions to find out more about her past

Immigration change throughout the years

We talk about her experience and issues regarding immigration now and immigration during the '90s when my aunt first got here. translation Q: when first arriving what did you think that you would stay in this new country for a...