Intervieing Liz goody

I learned about my aunt and who she lost ,and her regrets. This interview helps me learn on what I should focus most about.

Interviewing My Mom

What was talked about was how my mom mostly lived and how she described me as her daughter.

Me and my mom

So this interview was mostly questions about my moms child hood

Interview 11/27/18

I interviewed my father about his experiences in life.

Listen Project

I learned a lot about nana and some about my mom like how she skipped the 2nd grade and went to 3rd and how my nana became a pastor

Dad on thanksgiving

Me and my dad talked at the dinner table on thanksgiving.

My Daddy

It was awesome learning how his child hood was.

Interview about family

I had a great conversation about him and his family and background. He told many great stories and really enjoyed this time.

Being A Mother

This interview is about beginning a mother and if you could be something else would you.

Iris and Hannah

i interviewed a classmate of mine and we learned some things about each other!

Reece’s Interview

We were talking about how we were like before and after childhood. How we love one another that family means everything.

Family interview

My grandmother is a outstanding women and im glad to have her in my life

interview with brooke

Brooke and I talking about some areas of brookes life and some of her memories.

World History- 2017 winter final

My mom and I talked about what she was like when she was my age, what she did, and how we are different

Interview on my Brother

Today i interview my brother about his past and his childhood and his life back then and his life now.

My lovely mother

I interview my mother about her childhood