Fernando Hernandez and Richard Paez

This interview is with my friend Fernando Hernandez. He gives me some brief insight into his academic career.

interviewing mom

I interviewed my mom about her life growing up and then asked some questions about raising me as a kid.

Maren Smith interviews Melina Smith 2021

I interviewed my sister on her life as an adolescent.

Second interview with eddy

The interview was fast and simple. We mostly just answered the questions really fast

Interviewing my dad

I asked my dad some questions that I have always wanted to ask him.

Relative Interview Period 3

I interviewed my mom and she gave me some insight on her life. She was very reluctant, but I think she enjoyed it overall.

Interview With Mother, December 2018

In this interview, I ask my mother, Steph, questions. I ask questions that involve her relationship with my father, her education, career, me, and other random questions regarding her past, present, and future.

Being A Mother

This interview is about beginning a mother and if you could be something else would you.

An interview of a daughter and her mother during the pandemic.

Listen to the voices of a 14 year old female questioning her mother, who is notified about Covid-19. By listening, you'll be experiencing the hardships that citizens of New Jersey has to endure during the unfortunate disease.


This interview is about questions regarding COVID-19 and the answers that someone gave.It is in Spanish.

David Zhao interviewing his father Peng Zhao and learning many important lessons on life.

This interview was held on April 22,2022 by David Zhao and the guest was his dad, Peng Zhao. The main topic of this interview was about his dad's lessons and moments in life that he greatly appreciated and cherished. There...

AP Human Geography Project By Alejandro Carroll

This interview is about my dads expierences when he was a young child and his response to my questions.(Diane Carroll is not apart of the interview)

Interviewing my dad about adulthood

The interview is about me questioning my dad about his wisdom on his past life as a kid teenager and present now adult

Anthropology interview

We talked about, family history, struggles in life, goals for our future and many other things we don’t think about on a daily basis