Monumental moments part 1

In this interview I began to unravel information that I was able to compare how things are different from now, I learned past decisions and Their reasons behind them.

S.S. Interview Project

We talked about the Great Recession mostly and how it impacted people and my family during that time period.

Interview with the Youngin

Nobody tried to do the interview with me even though I told em in advanced so my little brother was the only one down to. I mostly talked to him about school and what he does on his free time....

interviewing my mother

I asked her about family and what were her some of her greatest times

Real world writing interview

This was a funny interview and it made me closer to my sister .

Interview with my Dad!

I asked him general questions I didn’t wanna ask him deep questions

Monumental moments part 2

The phone for some reason stopped recording so this is part 2 (summary will be found in part 1)

Albert Sanchez: Loving uncle and businessman

“Believe that anything is possible, despite what life throws at you.” Erick Marmolejo (14) interviews his uncle Albert Sanchez (46). He described what it means to be successful and talks about people who inspire him.

Q&A with BFF

This is a question and answer with my best friend Ava

Interview with my bro
October 13, 2017 App Interview

A simple interview to my bro about his life