Interview with my Mom

Talking to my mom about her past and present. Life advice, proudest moment, etc.

Oral History Interview

We talked about how community has shaped my mom into the person she is today.

MHS2019 Sulaiman

My cousin was a real hard worker. He never gave up on life.

Jolene DeMarti’s Great Bulldog Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed Hannah DeMarti and learned where she lived, who she lives with, and what she did in her childhood. I enjoyed learning about Hannah and her career and her advice on how to be a successful student.

Patricia Williams and Jasmine Barnes

Patricia Williams (56) and her daughter, Jasmine Barnes (23), talk about the three generations of resilience in their family, starting with Patricia’s mother and Jasmine’s grandmother, Bessie, and the strengths each generation gained from the one before.

My grandma and her amazing story

My grandma was born in Kilgore Texas during the depression and has been settled in a West Texas town for 50 years maintaining our family ranch and our entire extended family, she is an amazing woman and I couldn’t wish...

Interview with Grandma

I enjoyed interviewing my grandma on some life questions. I didn’t know a lot of the stories and details my grandma shared during this interview beforehand, so I am appreciative and glad I asked her questions and listened to some...