Amarachi Nwogu and Aunty Oromeni

Amarachi Nwogu: 2020-12-31 23:53:24 High school senior Amarachi Nwogu and her Aunty Oromeni discuss Aunty Oromeni's life. They discuss Oromeni Olayiwole's passions, motivations, and hopes for the future. Amarachi also gets insight into her youth life and activities. Through discussion,...

Ms.Klaus cheats on Santa

In trying to get to know someone else you really get to explore the emotions of them and yourself. Mariah talks about how her work and parents shaped her into the person that she is today. Get ready to dive...

Things about my older brother

I ask my brother about some personal things about him and people around him. Then asked him about things with COVID-19.

Aria Flood and Daniella Alvarado Perez

Aria Flood, 34, and Daniella Alvarado Perez, 28, co-workers at Love146, spoke about what brought them to the work, their passion for public health and prevention, and the ways in which they approach their work with joy.

Houston Headed to Houston

My cousin Houston is heading to Houston, TX for her first career as an adult.

Werner and Thelma Deterling Interview

Werner and Thelma Deterling talk about their life stories and knowledge they want to impart to future generations.

Milton Arceneaux and Dawn Arceneaux

Spouses Milton Arceneaux (49) and Dawn Arceneaux (48) share a conversation about their relationship, their family, and what they are most grateful for.


Me and my grandma’s fiancé talked about his work in NASA. He worked on the Apollo mission that went to the moon.

Nick Gonzalez

Nick Gonzalez , 32 Lindsey Summerlin, 28 in a relationship with each other

Afternoon with Padrino

This interview is to see what experiencias my godfather went through and how he persevere through them.

Raymond Harris

The origins of and advice given by Raymond Harris himself. This interview also covers his personal life and as well as his childhood memories of his relatives and others who inspired him.

Alisha Kashyap and Dr. Alanna Bree from Made A Masterpiece Discuss Unconscious Bias in Children with Skin Conditions

Dr. Alanna Bree is a pediatric dermatologist who founded Made a Masterpiece, an organization that serves as an empowering community for children with all types of skin conditions. In this interview, Alisha Kashyap from McGovern Medical School at UTHealth interviews...