Dad’s childhood and school experience

This interview consists of my father’s childhood and his school experience as a teenager when he just immigrated here to the U.S from Mexico

The story of Melissa Wall

In this interview, made in January 2018 in Quincy Illinois, Kailey Wall interviews her mother, Melissa Wall. This interview is about my childhood and her childhood. We talked important people and memories in Melissa’s life and some important memories from...

Joanne Shun Interview

Teenage boy Zachary Falvo interviews his grandmother Joanne Shun. In this interview they talk about Zachary's parents, Joanne Shun's past, and Zachary's grandfather who died early due to terminal cancer.

Interview with my Father

I interviewed my father on his childhood and some of his low and high points in his life.

My Dad’s Story

I am interviewing my dad and asking him about his life and being a parent.

Novel Wisdom: Lauren Keating and Stephanie Keating talk books, life lessons and what books can teach you.
September 13, 2018 App Interview

In this recording Lauren Keating and her mother Stephanie Keating discuss the most influential books in Stephanie’s life and why she recommends certain books. Interview flips around minute 9.

Lung surgery and a life behind it.

A lung surgery survivor, the battle of fighting cigarettes, and the life of a women in the 1950s.

East meets West: The Rise of a Great Man

We talked about how he immigrated to the US from Pakistan alone when he was 16 years old and has learned many important life lessons. He powered through the hard times in life and has become an amazing, kind, and...

Interviewing Joann Ramirez

This is an interview of my mother, Joann Ramirez. It was mostly about her past.

An Interview with Thelma
November 29, 2017 App Interview

My grandma has always had stories about growing up in Kansas City and the culture shock of moving to Chicago. So I wantes to hear more about her experiences

Lincoln park memo

I interviewd Alyssa and we talked about her life on general and what vher experiences in life were.


Ebony and I talked mostly about her childhood and what she learned in life.

Jason Wu and his neighbor Carol Rice talks about growing up during WWII and wildlife preservation.
November 30, 2019 App Interview

Conducted in November 2019 in Barrington, Illinois. Jason Wu interview his neighbor Carol Rice about her childhood in Chicago and her numerous careers. Mrs. Rice shares her story of how the WWII impacted her childhood growing up, and elaborates on...

Rahman Thomas interviewing his wonderful mother, Bilquis Thomas, about her life

Bilquis begins with a powerful message for listeners. She continues on to detail her history with her family, and her childhood experiences. She then transitions towards her experience with her own immediate family. Bilquis reflects on her aspirations as an...


About my mother’s childhood growing up. Whay she liked about it and what she took away from it.

Don Anderson (my dad!) interviewed by Annie Anderson (me!) on November 30, 2015 in Philadelphia, PA

Don Anderson discusses his childhood growing up in Chicago, what he is grateful for, and what kind of legacy he will leave to his children and grandchildren.

Interview with Dad-Samuel Oh

I asked my father about some past information when he was a child and what he did. I also asked him for advice in high school and some of his favorite moments