From My Mother’s Point Of View

The voice behind my passion...My Mother!!! I took a couple of minutes to ask her questions she's never been asked. It was interesting to hear her thoughts and perspective! Time I'll never get back but truly appreciated.

Interview with Cat

I interview my best friend’s stepmom about her amazing, trailblazing life!

Tiffany Bolin Domestic Violence Interview

A story about a woman who didn’t know how strong she was until she had to be. A story of survival.

“This resiliency is a muscle and a practice…” – Ashley on her relationship with herself, her family, and her community.

Ashley talks about growing up as Irish Twins (her sister), learning to be honest with herself and others, and the art of resiliency. Ashley, a self-proclaimed emotional sponge, gives us some life advice ("Forward is forward...") and talks about how...

Owen Barrett and Larry and Penny Hiler

Owen Barrett (16) talks to his grandparents (70) in Wisconsin about memories of the holidays. Such as Owen's memory of marching in the 2019 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and the story of the toppling Christmas tree.

The Deb-Tones – Linda Hirt, Karen Lemasters, and Julie Wilson

Enjoy this charming trip down memory lane with two of the surviving members of The Deb-Tones. This is an endearing story of how three Indiana teenage girls were told they needed a summer hobby, and it turned into an RCA...

Diane Salmonsen Interview

Diane Salmonsen grew up in Pennsylvania and is fun and free spirited. Halloween is her favorite holiday and had many family jolkes. Being a military wife was hard during the Vietnam war

The McGinty Kids

Larry McGinty, in the later stages of liver cancer, sits down with his two little sisters, Lynnda and Kathy, to reflect.

Greg Hull and Paul Williams

Paul Williams, a student, talks with the interim dean of Herron School of Art and Design, Greg Hull.

1960’s Interview

I interviewed my grandfather, Tom Pomeranz, about his life experiences as a kid living in the 1960’s in America.

My Roomate with OCD

Asking my roommate about her time with ocd and being roomies with someone who definitely doesn’t have ocd all while she eats pb&j. Also we’re brand new to this app and terrible with technology so...

Karen Hanson and Michelle Wilkinson

Michelle (32) interviews her mother Jill (65) about her life before and after Michelle was born. Jill talks about growing up in Indianapolis, IN and how she spent time out on a farm in rural Indiana.

Shelby Higgins and Gabriel Sotres 8 years together

Looking back and reflecting on a childhood and bright moments of the girl whom I’ve dated for nearly 8 years.

Yvonne Zinkin, 96

Growing up in Ashland, Pennsylvania in the 1920s and serving as a nurse in WW2

Julia Whitworth Interview
November 22, 2022 App Interview

Gregory Whitworth-Neufeld, 14, from Indianapolis, IN, interviews his mom, the Rev Julia Whitworth, about Civic Engagement.