Hope Center Indy: after care for trafficked women.

We talked about sex trafficking (in the US) specifically Indiana, what the hope center does for victims and the repercussions.

Diane Salmonsen Interview

Diane Salmonsen grew up in Pennsylvania and is fun and free spirited. Halloween is her favorite holiday and had many family jolkes. Being a military wife was hard during the Vietnam war

Interview with my mother

Lee Chandler talks to his mother, Mary, about her experiences in work and education and how they lead her to becoming a women empowering woman.

Interviewing my mother (in Mandarin) ft. Jack the dog

I ask my mother about growing up in China, family, life lessons and struggles, and, of course, about dogs.

Isaac interviews Grandpa Roth
November 27, 2017 App Interview

Isaac, 16, interviews his maternal grandfather at thanksgiving. Isaac, who has ASD and is keenly interested in things mechanical, asks Richard about his career, service in the Coast Guard, and whether he ever felt “different” as a person who most...

The McGinty Kids

Larry McGinty, in the later stages of liver cancer, sits down with his two little sisters, Lynnda and Kathy, to reflect.


What was talked about was about my mothers life, her childhood. And about what her life turned into.

Interview with Cat

I interview my best friend’s stepmom about her amazing, trailblazing life!

Shelby Higgins and Gabriel Sotres 8 years together

Looking back and reflecting on a childhood and bright moments of the girl whom I’ve dated for nearly 8 years.

A Mother’s Love

We talked about the relationship between a mother and her beautiful child. We talked about how important each of us are to one another.

Human right to adequate housing

When Andrea De Mink recognized the lack of adequate housing in Indianapolis it led to the creation of an organization called PourHouse.

Grammi and Me

This is a recording about grammi and the chance for me to ask her personal questions!

Interview with my dad

I talked to my dad about our family travels. I asked for parenting and life advice that ultimately ended with happy tears.

“This resiliency is a muscle and a practice…” – Ashley on her relationship with herself, her family, and her community.

Ashley talks about growing up as Irish Twins (her sister), learning to be honest with herself and others, and the art of resiliency. Ashley, a self-proclaimed emotional sponge, gives us some life advice (“Forward is forward…”) and talks about how...

Mother/daughter interview

We talked about growing up, school, tennage jobs, teenage years, how life is different now than it was back in the 80s/90s, jobs, and money. Overall I think my mom gives some really good advice/statements throughout the interview.