My brother(Fortnite)

This was supposed to be serious and interesting but I guess not. He just did what he wanted.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I learned about my moms childhood and who and what has impacted her life. I also was told about myself as a child and what I did.

“I just figured I could go through life unnoticed…nobody saw me.”

In this interview with my Grandpa, we talk about his life as a poor kid and key events along the way that shaped his work ethic and ultimately - his entire life. I learned so much from this conversation and...

Memories with my grandparents

Memories with my grandma and my grandpa joins in adding a little rant

Edward Speer, Lenora Speer, and Kym Speer

Kym Speer (55) interviews her parents, Edward Speer (85) and Lenora Speer (84), about their life together in Iowa. Edward and Lenora talk about Edward's country veterinary practice, delivering Kym and her siblings, and their shared parenthood styles. They also...

Travis Wright and Matthew Mason

Matthew Wright (44) and partner Travis Wright (42) talk about first coming out, the joining together of their families, raising children as gay fathers in rural Wisconsin, and get engaged.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

How it was like growing up, hardship, and how to get over it.

Sept 11 interview with my Grandmother

Carleen Black was teaching high school when the 9/11 attack happened. She remembered, “It was like a pin dropped”.


Returning money that wasn't ours, faithfully attending church when struggling to feel the spirit, gratitude for a family of integrity, thoughts on integrity.

Philip Wieland and Barbara Krantz

Phil Wieland (83) is interviewed by his daughter Barbara Krantz (46) about growing up in Chicago and fighting in the Korean war.

Bryan Gilbrech and Marjorie Gilbrech

We discussed memories of the Great Depression, WWII, family members, and stories passed from an older generation.

Interview with Sarah Moulton

The interview was short and sweet. I think I learned a lot.