Michael Phillips and Sara Phillips

Sara Phillips (33) has a Conversation with her husband, Michael Phillips (35), about his decision to join the Army National Guard, what deployment to Iraq was like, and how his military service helped shape the person he is today.

Meredith Rowland and Liz Wessel

Meredith talks with her colleague, Liz, about her journey to her nursing career, starting in a veterinary clinic, the Army, and finally Cal State Fullerton. She and Liz talk about working in Home Health and the challenges, and joys of...

interview with Mr. Rivera

interviewed Me. Rivera he’s a law informant teacher at Jefferson high school

From being poor to helping the poor, the life of Oday Salim

This interview reflects on a person who used to be poor but now helps the poor. He is an accomplished environmental lawyer. He worked very hard for the job and still works hard. He fights for rights in the environment....

Mike Hart Iraq War

I interviewed Mike Hart about the War in Iraq and his thoughts about it, including what he did and what he thought it was about.

Michael Dropp a Military Veteran who served for our country

This interview was about my stepdad, Michael Dropp, and his experience in the military. He served our country in a unique way that should be heard about.

Thanksgiving interview

We basically talked about his childhood. Growing up, and being a teenager.

Iran & Iraq war Experiences Pt 1

Lida Shamonzadeh, an Iranian Citizen immigrated to America due to discrimination and hatred toward her people. The struggle is difficult but how did she do it?

Anthony Torres and Patricia Sowers

Anthony (33) talks to Patricia (67) about his upbringing, struggling in college, joining the Military and his career in the Army.

Allen Hoe, Paula Coughlin, and Hazel Diaz

Friends Allen Hoe (75), Paula Coughlin (58), and Hazel Diaz (36) reflect on the death of Allen's son Nainoa in Mosul, Iraq, and the serendipitous events that eventually connected Allen to Paula.

Chris Smith and Michael Stohrer

One Small Step partners Christopher Smith (55) and Michael Stohrer (38) talk about the separation of church and state, the role religion plays in polarization, and holding the government accountable.

Yacoub Aljaffery and Hawra Alnabi

Hawra Alnabi (31) has a conversation with her uncle Yacoub Aljaffery (38) about their lives as refugees after fleeing Iraq, and their transition starting a new life in the U.S.

Ivan Hodes and Tamekia Jackson

Ivan Hodes (40) speaks with his conversation partner Tamekia Jackson (37) about his childhood, West Point education, commissioning as an officer, deployment to Iraq, refusing an unethical order, and remembers Thomas Martin, a classmate who was killed during his military...

Jihan Daman and Syma Mohammed

Syma Mohammed (33) talks with her conversation partner Jihan Daman (53) about leaving Iraq as a refugee at age 13, her four years spent in Greece, her time in high school in Michigan, and the work she does with refugees...

Experiences from Living in Multiple Countries

Keerthana Jayamoorthy: 2022-01-23 22:33:40 Keerthana Jayamoorthy (17) talked with a new friend she made this year Jehan Aldulaimi (17) who has been moving from country to country all her life.

Adrienne Brown and Pamela Ajhar

One Small Step Partners, Pamela Ajhar (60) and Adrienne Brown (54), discuss their experiences having sons in the military, key issues of importance to them, and their rejection of political labels.

PTSD and Me: How Poetry saved me from Suicide

Erika Land and Aissatou Sidime-Blanton discuss that PTSD the Erika suffered as part of her U.S. military service as a pharmacy technician and how poetry, and producing her one-woman play (“PTSD and Me/At ease. Not today PTSD.”), has helped her...

Questions with a fellow Classmate

This interview is between two classmates while they converse about questions that are important to them.

Jessica Davis and Akua Jackson

Jessica "Rene" Davis (39) talks with her friend Akua Jackson (42) about her upbringing in Delaware and her decision to enlist in the army. She shares memories of basic training, Advanced Individual Training (AIT), and combat, as well as some...

Roy Spann and Anthony Spann

Roy Spann (69) and his son Anthony Spann (39) talk about how their relationship changed before, during, and after Anthony's deployment in Iraq. Anthony talks about his time serving in Iraq and how the military changed him.