Gazi Zibari talks about growing up in Kurdistan and moving to America at a young age

In this interview, conducted in December 2, 2017 I mainly interviewed my father about his early life and how the people around him made him the man he is today. We also talked about his family and how important they...

Ashley Lurquin and Joseph Lurquin talk family

In my interview my uncle and I discussed what it was like to live with a big family and what his life was like in a big family.

Joe Langford, former Air Force crew chief, shares his experience being in the United States Air Force.

Joe Langford, an Iraq and Operation Enduring Freedom veteran, shares his story in an interview with high school sophomore Savannah McCool. Langford speaks on his deployment, his retirement from the military, and the difference between military and civilian life.

my moms journey

in this interview my mom told us about her life now and before she came to america.

Interview to my Dad

I talked with my dad about his time in the army and what it was like

Duane France and Jennifer "Jen" Burch

Duane France (44) speaks with his friend Jennifer "Jen" Burch (31) about enlisting in the Army, the places he deployed to, the challenges of coming home, and his work as a mental health counselor for veterans.

Life in Iraq

My grandma tells us a little bit of what life was like back in Iraq, how they moved to the United States and how it was like when they moved.

Military Dad
November 30, 2017 App Interview

Talking about my dad’s memories and time servicing in the United States Military

Interview with Lieutenant Colonel Alex Garn

This interview talks about how my Dad was deployed and his experiences deployed.

Holiday Hanna

Holiday Hanna, (56), talks with his daughter about his time deployed in Iraq with the U.S. Military.

Winston Bromley and Michael O'Dell

Micheal O'Dell (33) is interviewed by his friend and colleague Winston Bromley (49) about his time in the Marines and his difficult transition back to civilian life.

The Gulf War

The Gulf War resulted from Iraq’s attempted invasion and occupation of Kuwait on August 2, 1990. Iraqi President Saddam Hussein wanted to annex Kuwait for its rich oil reserves, for the debt Iraq owed to Kuwait, and merely to show...

Interview with Omar Mohammed

Interviewing my roommate from Iraq about his childhood and experiences growing up

Tiffany Matthews-Lay and Donna Curtis

Tiffany Matthews-Lay (46) shares a conversation with her aunt Donna Curtis (69) about Tiffany’s son and the role that Tiffany’s mother, Donna’s sister, played in helping to raise him.

(Roland) Gabe Sevigny and Hazel Diaz

Hazel Diaz (32) interviews new acquaintance Gabe Sevigny (34) about losing his friend Kyle while they were deployed in Iraq, and the support of family and friends.

Chris Bussler and Wendy Bussler

Chris Bussler (45) talks to his wife Wendy Bussler (50) about his experiences as a forward operating Mortuary Affairs Marine ("body bagger") during his service in the Marines while deployed in Iraq. He talks about struggling to deal with intense...

Interview with my dad

This is my dad Sam. He had a pretty good life back home in Iraq until he was required to join the Iraq army at the age of 18. After hating it for about 10 years he had to find...