Ryan Dion talks with Elizabeth Sortino about his life and time in the service

Ryan talks about his life and jobs, one of them being stationed in Iraq at a time of war.


My dad being in the military and the jobs he had and how he felt about being in and leavening the military.

A Country and Military Life

Grew up in Lonoke, Arkansas and worked in produce farm and saw mill. Joined army in 1984 and left in 2004. Influenced by step dad and metal shop teacher. Running in basic training was hardest. Hardest part was missing his...

Conversation with Kevin Christie, United States Army Veteran

I had a conversation with Sergeant Christie about his service in the Army and service in Kansas, Germany, Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Afghanistan. We discussed his initial experiences in boot camp and fond memories of working with his comrades. Sergeant Christie...

Rosie Davis and Johnny Davis

Husband and wife, Johnny "John" Davis (79) and Rosie Phillips Davis (74), talk about John’s life, his military service, and becoming a physician’s assistant.

Kevin Brewer and Gina Brewer

Gina Brewer (52) interviews her spouse Kevin Brewer (48) about his service in the military, what propelled him to later re-enlist, and his decision to leave a wartime Army to go to music school.

Karen Pell and John Byrnes

One Small Step partners Karen Pell (69) and John Byrnes (57) talk about the partisan divide, their connections to the military, and the debate around gun control.

Warrant Officer Stories – Tech – 915E

CW4 Robert A. Davis shared personal and professional stories about being a 915E Warrant Officer.

Tina Beller and Charles Diamond

Tina (37) talks with her friend Chuck (37) about their time in the military, his work as a federal investigator, and transitioning into civilian life.

Megan Press and Samantha May

Megan Press (30) interviews her best friend, Samantha "Nacho" May (30), about her experience in the military, what it was like being a woman in a male dominated field, and her transition back to civilian life.

Kevin Spradlin’s Experience

Kevin Spradlin explains his life in the military. Though his serving time was shorter than most, it was eventful, memorable, and deserves a huge thanks.

David Kessler and Sharon Kessler

David Kessler (57) talks with wife, Sharon Kessler (54), about their son's deployment to Afghanistan, how they coped, and what it is like having him back home now.

Words of the wiser interview assignment

Today I interviewed my grandfather asking him about his life.

Jacquelyn Stokes and Quenton Stokes-Brown

Jacquelyn Stokes (65) and her son Quenton Stokes-Brown (25) discuss the members of their family who have served in the military: Dr. Lewis Wright Jr, Thomas Elder Stokes, Charles “Sonny” Couch, Wadesworth Brown Jr, and Jasen Wadesworth Brown.

Etesta Causey and Jill Glaser

Etesta Causey (41) tells StoryCorps Facilitator Jill Glaser (26) about her experiences in the Army and difficulties in returning home from foreign service.

Amy Ewing and Asifullah Safa

Friends, Amy Ewing (68) and Asifullah "Asif" Safa (41), talk about their connection through the Stamford Interfaith Refugee Settlement program, with Asif and his family emigrating to the United States from Afghanistan approximately 2 ½ years ago.

Joshua Del Conte and Maile Singson

Colleagues Joshua Del Conte (38) and Maile Singson (70) discuss Josh's work supporting United States military veterans and his personal journey reintegrating into civilian life.

Veterans connect

John hildebrand is my dad. He is corpsman in the Navy. He was in the military for 25 years. He told me lots of funny storys in his time like the time he was called old or the time when...

Gracie Burgess and Cole Johnston

Proud Army BRAT and military community advocate Gracie Burgess (21) speaks with conversation partner Cole Johnston (26) about her childhood, an incident during deployment that led to her father's disability, her value of resilience, and her hopes for the future.