Global studies interview

We basically just talked about her child hood and how she felt when i came into this world

Kathy Neufeld Dunn and Liz Beugelsdyk

One Small Step conversation partners Kathy Neufeld Dunn (56) and Liz Beugelsdyk (54) discuss their biggest influences, compare the Mennonite church and Catholic church, and consider their hopes and fears for future generations.

Emily Archiquette and family friend Melissa templeton talk about Melissa’s childhood and life so far as an adult.

Melissa shares about how religion has played a role in her life. Also, she talked about her family life,with her husband in the military and the effect on her two children.

Interview with Opa
November 25, 2018 App Interview

We had a good talk together and laughed and talked about him as a child my dad as a child and about my opa's military life as well. Opa is German for "grandad." My dad was born in Germany when...

interview with poppy Allen

My grandpa grew up on a farm with lots of animals. He was drafted into the military at the age of 18. He met my grandma at an A&W. They had 2 kids.

Katelyn Crossman and great-grandparents

The childhood and lives of my great-grandparents. Growing up in a small town in Kansas.

Tom Phillips and Jan Johnson
November 7, 2021 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Tom Phillips (65) and Jan Johnson (51) discuss the political division in our country, the state of the Republican party, climate change and LBGTQIA+ issues and their hopes for the future.

Interview with Craig McPhie

In this interview, in November 2018, Craig McPhie shares stories and talks about his childhood and family including his father who flew planes during WWII. He also talks about his school, an inspiring biology teacher, and his interests in science...

Great Listen Interview Project in El Dorado Kansas With My Mom

I, Selah Klayson, conducted this interview with my mom, Samantha Klayson on November 28th, 2017. We did this interview in my living room in El Dorado Kansas. My mom(Samantha)is 38 years old, and I(Selah)am 14 years old. In this interview...

Interview with Mom

Talking with my mom about her childhood, marriage and more

Janet Morrison-Lane and Dave Morrison

Janet Morrison-Lane (48) talked with her dad, Dave Morrison (75) about growing up in Missouri and some of his life choices.

Life as a Law Enforcement Officer

Talks of family, experiences as a detective, and thoughts on the media backlash on law enforcement.

Interview of an A+ Mom

An interview of Cindy McMackin, businesswoman and mother of five (currently!). She talks about her childhood, life as a mother, wisdom for future generations and more.

Anna George and Britton Haigh
December 16, 2021 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Anna George (25) and Britton Haigh (19) discuss political parties in the U. S. and other Democratic countries' political systems, their political and social values, the internet ecosystem, media and social media, misinformation and disinformation,...

Session 1 – My Mom Cheryl – Memories and Influences.

Interview from daughter of mother about her own childhood and influences. I learned a lot about my mom that I never knew.

Katherine Schroeder and Kerry Seiwert

One Small Step participants Katherine "Kate" Schroeder [no age given] and Kerry Seiwert [no age given] discuss their lives in Kansas, their relationship to faith and religious communities, and how they feel disconnected from the groups they are a part...