Me and my Tia talked about the unfair government in Nicaragua

My Mimi’s Life

My grandma, Diane Captain, looks back at her early life and the Civil Rights Movement. She compares her generation's macho to the current one's social media craze.

My Dad’s Adventure

“It’s been 8 years being cancer free.” On December 10, 2017, Lea Gonzales interviews her Father on what his childhood and school was like l. Towards the end and the middle of the interview her father talks about how he...

Interview with Justin

Mom, Julie Goldstein, interviews her soon-to-be famous son, Justin, about his life.

Grandpa Philip

He talks about his child hood, a little about how his family came to america, growing up with his mom and family, his college experience, moving to California from Kentucky, and marrying my grandma Sally and living with my dad...

Waldorf School of New Orleans Librarian Lesley Rubenstein

Lesley has been a Waldorf classroom teacher, but her most notable accomplishment at WSNO is our beloved library, which she built from nothing. Find out how she did it.

Waldorf Grades 5 & 6 Teacher & Pedagogical Chair Rebecca Nelson

Rebecca Nelson thought she was going to become an anthropologist, but life had different plans for her: “I feel that I am really helping create the kinds of people I want to be leading our society, and that is my...

Zoe & Claire: Waldorf School of New Orleans Alumnae & BFFs

Best friends from the age of two - hear about their 11 year journey through Waldorf education: “I feel like Waldorf taught you things, but in a deeper way. You really learned something from multiple perspectives. You learned about it,...

Interview with Cheese Man

I spoke with the infamous “Cheese Man” and questioned him on his sanity.

Trip to LA

My sister recaps her favorite memories from visiting Los Angelos this weekend

Jenara blanco

Jenara blanco, she’s 16 years old she’s a student at AJR

Ired interview

Her interview went very well. The app made things very easy to do and had everything you needed to interview someone.


Yak and Beerit shooting the scheise

Nat’s Memorial Interview

This audio is about my great aunt Nat. Her daughter answers questions about her life.


Kevin and Betsy talk sound, History, social justice

Barrow Peacock and Mary Van Osdell

Senator Barrow Peacock (47), talks with his legislative assistant, Mary Ann Van Osdell (59), about growing up in Shreveport, his views on education and economic prosperity, and his experience as a Senator for Louisiana District 37.

Cailey Beck interviews Gina Kim

Gina Kim was born and raised in Koreatown. She is a recent high school graduate and was planning on going to Yale in the fall to study English, but due to COVID-19, has been forced to take a gap year....

Crystal Yoon interviews Sara Suk

Sara Suk is a 42-year-old mother of two daughters, a high school freshman, and a high school senior. In 2002, she immigrated to Honolulu, Hawaii from South Korea with her husband to continue her studies in Brigham Young University. After...