“Pulling with Faith”- A Firsthand Hukilau Experience with Sister Kekela Miller

In this interview with Sister Miller, we talked about the origins of the Hukilau performed by the people of Laie. Auntie Kela (Sister Miller) shared her experience as a youth serving, dancing, and preparing for the Hukilaus. Auntie Kela shared...


Every older women that she works with were her roll model to her as they lead and guide her as how her mom has been doing it to her.

Oral History #2

Dean Latu & I discussed culture, campus and respect for Hawaiian history.

Life as an Orphan in China

Pearl Brown, now a student at BYUH, grew up in an orphanage in China where she was forced to grow up or face strict, usually physical, punishment.

Growing up in Laie

I interviewed my mother about growing up local in Laie

Aunty Anne loves Laie

Aunty shares a story of the community building a sewer treatment plant near a heiau and the interesting discussions that lead to that decision.