Comms Listening Challenge

This is a required class assignment for The University of The Cumberlands. The interview takes place between Andria J. & Anthony J., a couple in Lexington, KY. The interview is an exchange about Anthony's career as the director of a...

Mom and Dad early relationship and family

Steve interviews Mom and Dad, aka Carl and Martha, about their teenage years, dating, meeting each other, proposing, early life together and having their two wonderful children.

Josh and Wilder

Wilder is almost 22 months old. Today we covered important topics like the alphabet, how many toes we have, and days of the week.

Barbara Greenwood and Michelle Schulte

Michelle Schulte (68) talks with her mother Barbara Greenwood (89) about her life experiences growing up in a city and moving to rural New Hampshire.

Interview for ELA Project

Family values, childhood memories, memories about your children. Life goals / Life lessons

Thanksgiving though the years with a focus on how much Truck Stops mean for working people during the Holidays.

Interviewing my dad, George Kopser, he recounts many of his Thanksgiving day memories from when Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Olswald all the way forward to the truckstops across interstate 80 that provided him the holiday meal he was missing...

A Mother’s Story

This interview is about personal questions that I have always wondered about my mom. I was able to sit down with her for 30 mins and talk to her about her life and her story so far.

The Bread of Cozad with Judy Evans.

Judy discussed with us all the stories of the bread making of Cozad. Also mixed in with some family heritage of her family around the Dawson County area. She talked about her daily routine, which contained multiple chores and early...

Max Hovious interviews Joan and Bill Hall on their life, beliefs, and much more.

Joan and Bill Hall are friends of Max Hovious. They have done many things throughout the years, like owning stores, working hard on farms, becoming highly successful in the rental property business, and much more. In this interview, Max and...

Interview with Nonna

Although she’s sick of hearing it, my Nonna is a strong, powerful woman. She like the rest of my family has lost so much but know that she will always have her family to lean on. Faith is one of...

The Life Of Debra Morton

In this interview you will hear the story of a beautiful and caring lady, who always sought out the best in everyone.

Mom’s Early Childhood

Martha Carroll, interviewed by her son Steve, in December, 2019 about her memories of fairly early childhood in Lexington Virginia.

Tell the World (Part 2)

I am interviewing my daughter for future memories.

Gregory Wardlaw and Clint McGuire

Clint McGuire (56) interviews long-time friend Gregory "Greg" Wardlaw (53) on his experiences as a theatre student at University of South Carolina Aiken's University Theatre program, and how it served him in his post-graduate life.