Interview with my cousin Zara
January 6, 2020 App Interview

Learning more about my cousin through a series of questions

A conversation with my cousin Maura Collingwood in Huntington Beach, CA

I asked my mom's 1st cousin about her early life, growing up on a farm in western Ireland and later studying, working as a nurse and raising a family in England, and how she came to be living in the...

On the Level #97: Johnny Royal – A storytelling visionary and his quest to create 33 Degrees & Beyond: The Royal Art of Freemasonry

A chance encounter with Freemasons hall while visiting London in his youth led to a lifelong involvement with Freemasonry. Johnny Royal has had a passion for years about telling the story of Freemasonry and after several years he is now...

Escaping from the Nazis

“My grandmother didn’t want to leave, and my mother, very bravely at age 24 went back to Prague and got her mother and her younger sister Mimi out of Prague with great difficulty… on the last train before Hitler marched...

Coming to America!

This interview is about my father moving from the United Kingdom to America and how it changed his life.

Oh, the places we’ve seen!

Sharon Wakamoto, an OC resident for almost 60 years, but born in Los Angeles spent a few years as a young child, during WW2 in the Japanese internment camp or War Relocation Center as it was called, at Gila Bend,...

How To Edit and Proofread Blog Posts Like A Pro

Editing and proofreading are two different tasks in the publication cycle. Many think proofreading is just a thinner form of editing. Editing comes first after you have finished and polished a final draft to the best of your skills, your...

WWll Great Unlce Robert

I interviewed my great uncle Robert about WWll

Hannah Connolly and her cousin Miriam talk about life before and during COVID-19 and guess what life will be like after.

In this interview, conducted on July 23, 2020 in Waxhaw, North Carolina, Hannah Connolly (19) interviews her cousin Miriam Urban (6) about how the corona virus has impacted her life. She also talks about what life was like before the...

The big listen

Michelle Bear is a project manager at an architecture firm in Saint Louis. She also works out of offices in Chicago and Toronto and has spent much of her career traveling to places like Pakistan, Mexico, Italy, France, and many...

Role of Management Accounting in Modern Business Environment

Accounting assists the firms all over the globe to attain its aims and objectives by gathering, managing and communicating data pertains to their business activities. The management accounting involves offering data pertains to accounting to the managers within the businesses...

Mom’s childhood and relatives pre and during wartime

My mom discusses her parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and grandparents and being a child during WW 2 in London , England

My Mom

Random stories in my moms life.

6 Essay Writing Tips

Nowadays internet is full of illegitimate websites claiming to offer writing services online at very attractive prices. These sites have full attraction for those in need of Essay help and if you are one of them, be very careful as...

An Insiders Look Into Humanism

82 year old Michael Imison recalls past experiences in life that have impacted his beliefs. He explains how he became a committed humanist and his work as a celebrant.

The Black Dog of Death

This interview was of my dad talking about a defining incident in his life and which really shaped him as a child. We then went on to talk about supernatural activity and rationalism. I found this quite interesting, scientifically, because...

Irene Baron post WW 2
October 20, 2020 App Interview

Susan Baron Zerman interviews her mom about affairs of the heart

Mary Sinclair and Maureen Bartee

Maureen Bartee (47) interviews her mother Mary Sinclair (84) about Mary's life growing up in Ireland and her life as a nurse in the United States.

Dylan Caine (16) Asks His Mother, Shelly Pesick-Caine (56), About Her Detroit Youth, Jewish Ancestry, and Worldview

In this interview, conducted on Thanksgiving, 2015 in a suburb of Cleveland, Dylan Caine (16) asks his mother, Shelly Pesick-Caine (56), about her quintessentially American upbringing in the suburbs of Detroit. Born into a caring and hardworking family of six,...