We talked about some of my moms memories, important people in her life, and important moments in her life.

Adam McDougall and Delmy Alas-Cruz Practice Interview for ICS510

Adam McDougall: 2020-10-08 00:13:35 Practice Interview for ICS510 Delmy shares one of her happiest memories of when her mother accepted Jesus. Adam talks about his Uncle John who helped shape early understandings of religion.

Life is Good

My grandfather Peter Murphy, age 64, was born in Long island. He was the UCONN lacrosse captain of 1980 and graduated with a degree in Civil engineering. He founded his own software company that has billions of users globally using...

Interview with Jim Nolan, Interim Principal of Port Jefferson Middle School, Fall 2021

Mr. Nolan speaks with Mrs. Everitt about his love of school. Mr. Nolan describes his childhood as “picture-perfect, as picture-perfect can be.” His excitement for learning and the school community led him into the classroom as a teacher. With over...

growing up and learning with the natural world

Kerissa Battle (42) an ecologist in the Catskills talks with a close family friend Leana Tishim (13) a student on Long Island about her childhood and the experiences and lessons learned. She also shares a few lessons about finding oneself...

Nora Sutz and Rachel Sutz Pienta

Dr. Rachel Sutz Pienta (49) sits down with her mother, Nora Sutz (71), to discuss their family history, to reminisce about their favorite family memories, and to remember family members who have passed away.

Interview with Poppy

Asking him about his childhood and things I didn’t know about his life.

My grandfathers childhood

In conclusion my grandfather survived through the Great Depression survived WW2 enlisted in korean army in 1950 had four children and 12 grandchildren now lives a peaceful life

Annmarie little

Daughter interviewing mother about how her parents met.

My Mother Lisa Scheibe's Reflection of Growing up in the 80s

Brooke Scheibe: 2022-11-29 16:01:13 Brooke Scheibe interviews her mother, Lisa Scheibe, in regards to life during a very different decade, growing up with a single mother, and her high school experiences. During the Interview Lisa is also able to reflect...

Tori Zimmermann and John Zimmermann

John Zimmermann (75) talks with his daughter Tori Zimmermann (45) about his life, focusing on his childhood on Long Island in the 1950s, his spiritual life, and his first job out of graduate school when he moved to Colorado and...

Max and Agoo

We talked about thanksgiving a little bit. We also talked a little about my grandma’s childhood. And we talked a little bit about COVID.

Interview with Ned Micelli on 1/31/16

Words of wisdom from my grandfather during the last year of his life.

Bob Burgess shares details of his life from childhood to fatherhood, and how things can change.

In this interview conducted in December of 2017, Alex Burgess interviews her grandfather Bob Burgess about his life as a child, husband, and father. Mr. Burgess shares some of his favorite stories about his 3 kids growing up in Niskayuna,...

Roger Yost and Gail Yost

Husband and wife Roger Yost (71) and Gail Yost (71) talk about their upbringings, the life they have created together, and their upcoming 52nd anniversary,

Christine’s Life

This interview was brought back to my mother, Christine Benedetto, life. She shared her feelings, attitudes, and relationships.

Leonard Kraemer and Jessie Kraemer

Leonard Kraemer (94) tells his granddaughter Jessica Kraemer (24) about his childhood in Long Island, his romance of 72 years with his late wife Terry, his time served during WWII, and his late brother, Bobby Kraemer.

Lawrence Davis ad Casey Dupont

Casey Dupont talks with Lawrence Davis, his 75 year old grandfather, about his life. He worked many jobs and going to school around the east coast in a time of war, before having four children and living more relaxed life.