Ilona Nanay talks to her mom, Julia Nanay, about coming to the U.S. and becoming a mom

In this interview, conducted in September 2019, Ilona Nanay interviews her mom, Julia Nanay, about her experiences fleeing Hungary after the revolution in 1956 and starting a new life in the United States. She describes the values her parents taught...

Mr. JP Interview

This interview consists of the story Mr. JP’s relationship with his father, his journey from Italy to America, and the emotions he had when traveling to America. Mr. JP talks about the experiences he had at other schools and the...

A conversation with my dad

In this interview, I had a conversation with my dad. We went over his childhood and how it impacted the way he raised his own children, alongside the evolution in his mindset.

Immigrant Life

Stephanie Kim, my mom moved the the US as and immigrant. This is what struggles she went through and what she accomplished.

Clyde Waldron and Anne Riggsby

Anne Riggsby (60) interviews her father, Korean War veteran, Clyde Waldron (83) about his experiences growing up in South Georgia, becoming a paratrooper, a Union Auto plant representative, a Builder, father and husband.

Mi Papá

The interviewers name is Sophia Mendoza and is 14 years old. The interviewee is Marcos Mendoza and is 47 years old; we are father and daughter. We talk about heartwarming stories that bring back old memories together.

Reneé Ramcharitar and Aisha Scott

Reneé Ramcharitar talk with her friend and the sister of her boyfriend Aisha Scott about her experiences with depression and healing through love and spirituality, and her career change from teaching to seeking work as a counselor, and Aisha talks...

Marco Benjamin and Joey Terrill

Friends, Joey Terrill (60) and Marco Benjamin (36), reflect on their experiences being HIV positive, talk about their relationship, and discuss their involvement with activism, and JT talks about his art.

Ramon Ramos and Melinda Wiggins

Student Action with Farmworkers (SAF) executive director Melinda Wiggins (42) talks with her colleague Ramon Zepeda Ramos (26) about their childhoods growing up on farms in Mississippi and Jalisco, Mexico, and why they each work for social justice issues today.

María Loza, Francisco Beczerra Perez, and Martha Escudero

María Luisa Loza (66) y su esposo, Francisco Ignacio Becerra Perez (64), hablan con su amiga, Martha Angelica Escudero (38), sobre la situación de su hija con esquizofrenia, y su nieta que ellos están tratando de tener custodia. [María Luisa...

James Hensley and Chris Jarvis

James Hensley (58) tells his husband Chris Jarvis (58) about his 30 years as a bartender in gay bars, describing the exciting nightlife of the places where he worked, as well as the dangers of being "out" and discovered in...

Melissa Richardson Banks and Christy Addis-Gutierrez

Melissa Richardson Banks (51) and Christy Addis-Gutierrez (56) have a conversation about working together on Melissa's photography book and their connection to Los Angeles.

Jacqueline Robles and Mary Bess Ser

Jacqueline "Jackie" Robles (20) talks to StoryCorps facilitator Mary Bess Ser (42) about her childhood, moving around between living with her grandmother, in foster homes, and in a homeless shelter. She talks about finishing high school while living in a...

His life

We talk about his life. What was life like when he was young.

The Good Doctor

A doctor saves the lives of others, but sometimes they’re so busy with other lives that they can’t save their own. Jadon Lee interviewed Luis Molina in Los Angeles, CA on January 3rd about the biggest influence on his life....

Ashley McGowan and Whitney McGowan

Sisters Ashley McGowan (33) and Whitney McGowan (31) talk about childhood memories, experiences living in Chicago, New York, Barcelona. They also share they favorite and saddest memories growing up.

Ben Ocón and Sarita Ocón

Ben Ocón (65) and daughter Sarita Ocón (33) talk about the importance of reading, literacy, and libraries from their early lives to the present day. Ben talks about his long and prestigious career as a librarian and Sarita shares stories...

The Life of Cheryl Davis.

I would say the interview went very well. It was a little shorter than expected. I did learn some interesting facts about my Aunt Sherry though.