APB Family Interview

Do you consider yourself political in anyway. It also speaks about were the person was born. Where he grew up and about some of the persons values such as hardworking a great listener and more. It talks about political ideology.

The Great Outdoors

“The bobcat was only eight feet away.“ On November 27, 2017 in Los Angeles, California, Stella Frank sat down with her dad, Karl Frank, to learn more about his experiences in nature and why it’s so important to him. After...

The story of my Moms Life

We talked about how where the things that she would have felt and that she felt

Karizma Houston interviewing Cynthia Williams

I asked my mother what her life was about and since she lived through so many historical events i wanted to know how she felted about them. I also asked about our family history.


We talked about where she grew up and what she thinks about the political party’s

How Grandma found God

When life was hard she never gave up. Having a son at 16 didn’t stop her. When her parents took her money that she needed that didn’t stop her. She learned two lessons that stayed with her forever,one always believe...