Interview with Papa. Bob Liljeberg

Asked my grandfather things that I never would had thought of. It was nice to learn things that I probably would never asked him.

Grandfather and Granddaughter Thanksgiving Interview

Ex-Air Force serviceman tells granddaughter of his life from elementary school to present day. My interview was with my grandfather, Hollis Flanagan (or Papaw) in Vestavia, Alabama, on November 24, 2017. A role model in his life was his father-in-law,...


This interview really shows where my grandfather came from and what his childhood was like. It also reflects what he knows all of his skills and talents in life

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

This interview was taken in Aransas Pass, Texas on November 20, 2017 Abby Krisl(13) interviews her grandmother, Marsha Wellman(66) about her childhood and family

Chatting at auntie’s

Great grandma Elsie's (wheelchair grandma) family, childhood, relationshipwith Pompa

English literature extra credit

This interview view was between me and my grandmother born in the 1930’s. I got to learn more about her childhood and adult life.


My grandmother, who I affectionately call Memu, discusses growing up in the 50s in Shreveport, Louisiana, balancing education with raising two children, and her experience as a nurse. “I would like to be remembered as a fair person, a loving...

Grandma’s Interview

My grandma and I spoke about her childhood, her fondest memories, and what she wishes for me and my children.

Weaver Bros

Discussing with my parents a variety of topics including war veterans on both my mother's and my father's sides. Starting with my mother talking about her childhood, her father's career as a forester, and our ancestry. Read from records my...

The Gentle Giant: Advocate of Human Rights

6'6" Cedric Murphy is a gentle giant with genuine love and affection for all of those around him. Listen as Cedric reflects on his life, as well as his ongoing mission: be an advocate for LGBTIQA+ individuals, civil rights, &...

Cate Nolan interviewing her nana Gaye Caldwell about her life.

In this interview, located in San Diego, California, Cate Nolan interviewed her nana Gaye Caldwell about her life. Gaye shares about her childhood, her teenage years, her religion, and her family.

Dorothy Moore and Sharon Moore

Dorothy Moore (82) talks to her daughter, Dr. Sharon Moore (53), about growing up in Southern Louisiana, moving to Chicago in the late 1950s, work, marriage, motherhood, and buying her first home.

The Experiences of an Eighty Year Old

My grandmother talks about her love of teaching, how it was raising eight children, and her childhood.

Granny and Mommy

My grandma, my mother, and I all sit down together and have an interview about early life and how things such as school, jobs, and the passing of my grandfather impacted them as a whole.

Mammaw and Me: Christmas 2018

Mammaw and I talk about her growing up, her relationship with my biological grandpa, marriage to PawPaw, and family life with her sisters.