Paige Norman and her exciting freshman year

Paige and her best friend Helen got into a bit of criminal situation her freshman year of college!

Thanksgiving interview

In this interview, my grandfather and I discussed his daily life in the Navy and how he met my grandmother.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview – Todd Elkins

In this interview my and my mother talked about her life. We talked about everything from her childhood, her family growing up, to her favorite sports.

Story Assignment

I was interviewing my mother talking about her life. I was excited to hear more about her. and it was awesome to talk.

Crimes of the Past

In summer of 2014 sixteen year old high school sophomore from San Antonio went out with friends on a warm Saturday night in July. Before it was all said and done two people were arrested, one was out a months...

Love at First Sight

Nana and I talked about her love story with her husband of 47 years.

Interview with Papa

Papa is 80 and we wanted to take some time to record some of his memories.

Interview with Marcine McDaniel

This interview I did with my grandmother Marcine McDaniel for a school project.

Addison Fleming

We talked about anything and everything. I learned so much about her.

Amanda Breuer and Paul Betancourt

One Small Step conversation partners Paul Betancourt (61) and Amanda "Mandy" Breuer (44) discuss agriculture, their shared love and respect for the environment and the role of state and federal government in taking action towards climate change.

my mom

we talked about a funny story that happened to my mom in law school.

My Friends Experience Getting Robbed

Me and my roommate Amani talking about a time he got robbed and his interaction with the police.

Two Southern Childhoods, One Beautiful Love.
November 4, 2019 App Interview

Amanda Sauvie (44) sits down to interview her grandparents in McKinney Texas. Max (91) and Patsy Carpenter (89) share stories of their Southern childhoods in the 1930’s and recall memories of their parents. Patsy recalls her childhood in Warren, Arkansas...

all choked up…Amy Stell and Larry Thompson

Amy Stell: 2020-06-25 21:21:01 Amy Stell (48) visits with her father, Larry Thompson (77) and briefly her mother, Ethwa Ann Thompson (75), about their El Paso connection, meeting mama, and advice for his grandchildren.

Balbina’s memories of her family becoming migrant workers in the late ‘40s.

Balbina Escobar Tijerina shared memories of the first time that her family traveled to Hartford, Texas as migrant farm workers. She also shared her first out of state migrant farm worker adventures in Idaho to work at a sugar beet...

Leonard Gillard and Cayce Kaufman

Leonard shares with Cayce his story about his father was in the military and they lived all over only to move back to his home state of Texas and how he reluctantly became a weather man to working in healthcare.